Feast of the Black Nazarene


This was how authorities described the Translacion of the Black Nazarene  (Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno)  last Monday, January 9.

The procession took roughly a day to finish, 22 hours to be exact. Almost 9 million devotee battled with heat, stress and unwanted incidents as part of their annual sacrifice while scouring the roads in barefoot from Luneta Grandstand to St John the Baptist Church commonly known as the Quiapo Church – home of the Black Nazarene.

My devotion to the Black Nazarene started seven years ago when my life was at it’s low and problems arrived one after the other.

But when I started to dwell in His love and put a little more faith in Him, life started to become light and problems were easy to handle. I was able to have the courage that I need to face all the pain brought by immature decisions and life’s uncertainties.

We have different reasons why believe in His Holiness but only one reason why we continue to follow – it is because He never fails us.