Fight Virus: Trending online game

Working from home due to the pandemic is the new corporate set-up. Because of this, I found a website that caters to free online games. It’s kinda entertaining and relaxing whenever I am stressed from work. And guess what I’d like to play? Read on.

The “Fight Virus” is a timely online game which lets its users experience how to attend to patients, fight the virus and manage a hospital in general.

Users are given the chance to respond to patients and eliminate the virus by simply hovering and tapping. When it comes to user-friendliness, users won’t have any problem playing the game. “Fight Virus” can be a go-to game because its plot is entertaining and won’t bore its players.

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This hospital-inspired game is worth a gamer’s attention because it is not too easy to play and not too difficult as well. It will draw your attention and consume your time because you honestly can’t finish the game successfully in one go. A gamer should strategize in order to accept the patients, “kill” the virus and manage them.

The hospital is divided into three portions: the receiving area, the diagnosis area and the hospital ward. The receiving area is already a challenge because you have to really check every walk-in patient and the patients brought in by the ambulance. The gamer will have to also survey the receiving area because the virus is “airborne” and one will have to “kill” them to prevent the patients from being infected and eventually sent to the hospital ward where a lot of other patients need attention.

The outpatient department is also a busy portion of the hospital. The gamer needs to give attention to every patient to avoid crowding and negligence of patients. The hospital ward or emergency room is a busier place as every patient needs attention to prevent them from fainting.

What is worth a prospect gamer and the gamer’s attention itself is “Fight Virus’” resemblance to a real-world hospital. It is also worth mentioning that the game can be played during these times of pandemic. “Fight Virus” gives the gamer an experience of how a hospital is managed from the arrival of the patient or the ambulance to a patient’s full recovery. All a gamer needs to do is be attentive and quick in responding to every patient in order to successfully manage the whole hospital and eventually accomplish the game.

Talking about the aesthetics of “Fight Virus,” the overall look of the game is pleasing to and is not tiring to the eyes. Given its interface, the gamer won’t have any problem playing this hospital-inspired game for a day or even become a habit. It is also worth-noting that the hospital is very particular with its look. You can even see a sanitizer dispenser and health protocol reminders on the walls of the hospital. The game’s hospital is also spacious enough to cater to every department existing in a hospital – letting the users drift from one department to another and press from one patient needing attention to another. The game’s functions are really basic and are easy to play, but its storyline is equally challenging – noting the volume of the patients and the presence of the virus.

To sum it all up, “Fight Virus” is a game worth everyone’s time and attention aside from the fact that it is clearly a tribute to our health workers.