3 Ways to Care for a Widowed Friend

If you have a friend whose spouse has recently died, you know how difficult it can be to show your support. You want to let him or her know that you care, but you do not want to intrude or invade his or her privacy. There are things you can do to help, though. Consider these three ways to help a friend who has lost a significant other.

1. Send a Gift

The days and weeks after the passing of a spouse are lonely. Your friend may feel forgotten or abandoned. Let him or her know that there are still people out there who care about his or her wellbeing. Send a sympathy bouquet Franklin Square NY with a sweet note attached. A simple gesture like this can help brighten his or her day during a difficult time.

2. Plan a Visit

Your friend will likely have many relatives and friends visit in the first few days after his or her spouse passes. However, during the weeks and months to follow, visits will get scarcer. Let your friend know that you are still there to lean on. Stop by one day on your way back from running errands, or call and schedule a time to meet for lunch.

3. Listen

Sometimes all your friend needs is for someone to listen. Grief can be a long, confusing and frustrating thing to deal with. Just be the listening ear that he or she can depend on. Let him or her know that you are always available for a phone call. When he or she talks about feelings of grief, just offer a supportive ear. You do not have to “fix” the situation; instead, you are there to be a support system.

Helping a friend deal with grief is difficult, but it can be easier when you keep these things in mind.