A Must Read for Traveling Pet Owners

Pet hotels are a luxury option for traveling pet owners. Dogs and cats are boarded and pampered. Some of the most desirable pet hotels offer premium accommodations, specialty meals, frequent walks, group play, bedtime snacks, and much more.

With so much going on at the pet hotel, your pet can enjoy the experience and suffer less separation anxiety. Some pet hotels offer live streaming webcam services so that loving pet owners can view their dog or cat’s joy and excitement in real time. Luxury pet boarding can be a delightful experience for everyone.

Pet Hotels

Ask friends and family to recommend a pet hotel. Plan ahead, because some pet hotels and resorts get overbooked quickly, especially during holidays and other prime travel periods.

Plan to visit the pet hotel before deciding on the best choice. Check the available space, the maximum number of pets that can be boarded in the facility, and how many caregivers are available to take care of pets. Ask if the pet hotel has an exam room and inquire about veterinary care if needed for your pet during the boarding period.

A pet hotel with lots of interior room is desirable for cats and dogs. Cat climbing trees or scratching posts can promote exercise and fun. Make sure the space is clean and smells fresh.

Pet Activities

Ask the pet hotel about pet activities. While it may seem like a good idea to bring your pet’s toys along to the pet hotel, other pets might compete for them. Your pet will need to play well with others and a pet hotel with group activities probably won’t include lots of “me time” for your pet.

Pet Meals

Some pets need special meals. If your pet is on a doctor-prescribed diet, plan to bring enough food to the pet hotel. If the pet’s must have a gluten-free diet, or if your pet is diabetic, bring the required supplies and medicines to the pet boarding facility.

Ask about the pet hotel’s rules concerning pet beds and leashes. If your pet loves his or her special bedding and guider leash, the pet hotel will probably ask you to leave it with them.

Include instructions about how to feed or administer medicines, but plan to discuss the pet’s needs in detail with the pet hotel’s staff beforehand.


Most pets enjoy play time with other adults and animals. Take your pet on several visits to the pet hotel before your trip if possible. Slowly familiarizing your pet with the staff will make saying a short good-bye much easier for you.

17 comments on “A Must Read for Traveling Pet Owners

  1. Whoever thought of this business is a very wise man. That is one of the drawbacks of being a pet owner, finding someone trustworthy enough to take care of our beloved pets when we need to be away from them. It is so hard sometimes to entrust someone else with pet care.

  2. I always feel guilty whenever I leave my little doggy when I travel. But I would never leave her alone on her own. Bringing her would be too much though, haha.

  3. It is really informative for all those who have a pet. I don’t have any pet but in future if we have this is great.

  4. Great post. Pets definitely need the care and love when the owners are not around. It’s always best to leave them with people who know what to do, are reliable and responsible. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I mever had a pet before so I don’t kmow what it’s like to travel and leave my dog or cat in a hotel. It’s nice that they have activities and the meals are important of course.

  6. I haven’t seen a pet hotel before. I only know that there are centers where you can drop your pet and then fetch them up at the end of the day. Does a pet hotel also offer convenience for pets like lodging and food?

  7. This is the first time I have heard of pet hotels! Never knew there was such a thing. It would have been better if there were images. You can’t imagine how I’m imagining these lovely pets being pampered. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Not many hotels allow pets. Its so sad. My neighbour has a dog and everytime he goes on a vacation, the dog finds it so difficult with the care takers!!! These are indeed good options.

  9. The only time I traveled and left a dog at home was back in 2010. I left my barely a year old Pomeranian with my boyfriend (now husband). They had tons of fun! That’s when he realized that he was a dog person. 😀

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