Get a Chance to Win a MacBook Air by Purchasing Enfagrow A+Four this 11.11

Exciting one-day sales usually keep many people on the lookout for things that may add value to their everyday living. Parents, of course, are no strangers to this, as they grab the perfect opportunity to stock up on those precious child necessities.

For the much-awaited 11.11 Mega Sale, Enfagrow A+ Four joins in by offering exciting online promos on e-commerce sites, Shopee and Lazada.

Parents can get their money’s worth with Enfagrow A+ Four, their powerful ally as they raise healthy, smart kids who share a heart for a better world. It contains the powerful combination of Beta Glucan, DHA, and prebiotics, that all work together to help raise a child’s defense against respiratory infections.

Enfagrow A+ Four also supports a child’s 8 signs of brain development — from memory, attention, to regulated behavior, among other advancements. It is the only milk brand thatcontains MFGM Pro (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and has the highest levels of DHA that help boost a child’s brain development. Apart from setting a child prepared to take on life’s challenges, this allows parents to also lay a strong foundation and help raise them to be healthy, and smart with a heart.

This 11.11 Mega Sale, parents can save up to 35% on Enfagrow A+ Four 7.2 kg and get a chance to win a MacBook Air with every P2,500 spend. For some Enfagrow A+ Four purchases, parents can also get an 80-gram pack for free.

Raise healthy, smart kids with a heart by supporting their overall nutrition. Get more of your kid’s daily essentials for less with Enfagrow A+ Four in your Shopee and Lazada carts this 11.11 Mega Sale.