Getting Your Boat Ready for Guests

Any boat owner knows the joys of warmer weather, when the boating and relaxing can begin for the season. One of the best parts of boat ownership is the ability to entertain family and friends. However, it comes with the responsibility of keeping your boat clean, safe and running smoothly.


Although not the most fun part of boat ownership, cleaning is necessary. For the exterior, the amount of cleaning depends on the type of water you’re in. In salt water, you should clean off salt deposits regularly to avoid corrosion. To keep a shiny look, it can be helpful to wax it as well. For the interior, consider adding a small vacuum to clean up food crumbs. A wet rag can be used to wife off the seats, and commercial home cleaners are fine to use on stubborn stains.


Obviously, it’s important that your boat runs smoothly. Don’t let odd noises go unchecked, or you could end up getting stranded. Many problems can be solved by simply using replacement parts for boats. In colder climates, boats need to be winterized properly as well.


After cleaning and maintenance, you’re ready to prepare the boat for your guests. Always prepare for more time on the water than you’re planning. Coolers should be packed with cold beverages and snacks. If you plan to have a meal while you’re out, bring hand sanitizer and napkins. It’s also a good idea to bring a carpet cleaner and rag for unexpected spills, since dark stains can be difficult to remove after drying in the sun.

Boating is a relaxing experience that almost everyone enjoys. This summer, make sure to properly clean and maintain your boat to ensure a fun and safe season. A little preparation ahead of time will lead to memorable outings with family and friends.