Add some Magic to your Child’s Baon

School season just started. Do you agree that aside from tuition and miscellaneous fees,  Moms also encounter problems when it comes to preparing baon for the children?

Yes, we moms wanted our children to eat healthy baon. To encourage kids to eat and finish their baon, I suggest to go beyond the traditional and add some Magic to it.

Here’s what I prepared for Kiat today using Magic Junior cracker.  It’s a simple snack filled with her favorite egg, ham and apple.


While I was preparing this, my nephew Ace asked me to make him some robot that he can enjoy in school.

Since he loves Magic Junior chocolate cream crackers. I made him Robo Magic with Papaya. You can do this with other Magic Junior variants like Butter and Berry or Condensada Cream too!


Here are some tips to make your kids baon a little magical.

Decorate their baunan

While buying all those last-minute school supplies, surprise the kids with a couple of sticker packs and make decorating their baunan a magical bonding experience. Go the extra mile and help personalize their lunch boxes by having colorful stickers of their names made!

Surprise them with notes

The same way our kids show their affection through the drawings they make for us, we can also return the sweet gesture by surprising them with notes too. A simple “Have a great day!” written on colorful post its or a drawing of a cute dog inside their lunch boxes will surely brighten their day.

Prepare the baon together

Make baon preparation time with the kids a magical bonding experience with Jack ‘n Jill Magic Junior. Its perfect size and variety of flavors will surely bring a little bit of Magic to any regular school day. With a pack of Magic Junior crackers, moments at home and in school become extra special and more magical!

17 comments on “Add some Magic to your Child’s Baon

  1. My son be loves Magic Flakes,!! It’s supposed to be for his baon but he eats it all the time

  2. Hahhahaa. Sometimes kapag may presentation tlaga ang food, kinakain nila at bida sila sa school. If my boys also request for something (just like paano nag request ung pamangkin mo), sumusunod ako kasi kung kakainin naman tlaaga.

  3. So cute! That’s a lot of effort that we love doing for our kids. And with all these variants, baon can be fun!

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