Great Start for School Year 2017-2018

School year 2017-2018 officially started last Monday. I know my daughter is still on vacation mood, but when she knew that she’ll received an award because she’s in the over-all top in Grade 1, everything changed.

Her mindset is on studying again, though she still peaks into Minecraft online.

The school where she studies is non traditional when it comes to recognition day. It usually starts to send letter to parents of students that excel in class a month after the school year closes.

The awarding is also done not on the last day of the school year, but during the first day of school. She received her award last Wednesday.

For me, it is a motivational approach that helps children to be inspired for the new school year after a long vacation.

It also sets my mind about our mother-daughter goal this year to keep her at the top of her class.