Transporting Little Ones Safely Throughout Their Life

When you think about becoming a mom you immediately picture feeding, clothing, and protecting that precious child, but you may not immediately think about how to safely travel from one place to another with them in tow. The type of vehicle you need, the kind of car seat required, and where they will be safest within the vehicle will change with each passing year.

Most new parents are eager to jump into the minivan craze, but in reality, your average size car will be just fine. Save the minivan for when they get older. By then you may have more children or need extra space for their friends. You will have enough new expenses in those first few years without an expensive car payment. The exception would be if your child has special needs. Children facing issues such as spinal bifida or cerebral palsy will have specialty wheelchairs like those from Custom Wheelchairs USA. A wheel chair equipped van would be a must have in these situations.

You will need a car seat to keep your child safe. Designs that can grow with the child are the best value. Children of all ages need to ride in the backseat, and when they are an infant you will have them facing the rear of the car. Seats that have an infant carrier that detaches from the base will be the handiest. You can buckle in the baby while still indoors. Then all you have to do is carry them out and snap the seat in place. As the child gets a little older you can turn them around to face the front. Always check your states rules and laws on car seats to make sure you are keeping them protected at every stage of childhood. Older children that outgrow their infant sized seat may be able to move into a booster seat.

One thing that is certain about parenthood is that nothing ever stays the same. As your child grows you will find your needs for transportation will change. Keep abreast of the latest child safety seat laws, and look for vehicles that exceed safety expectations. As long as you do that, you can rest assured that you are transporting your little ones in the safest and most comfortable way possible.