Halloween for Kids

It’s trick or treat season once again.

I’m sure parents and children would love to mingle and have fun on October 31. Last year, I personally made costumes for my kids and express my artistic side. But this year, due to time constraint I already bought them ready made Halloween stuffs like the Pumpkin basket, Halloween mask and accessories like plastic fangs, bloody ax headband and yes, costumes.

But I am meticulous in choosing the accessories. I see to it that they are made from non-toxic and non-flammable materials. In addition, I avoid buying sharp-edged props so my kids and others won’t get hurt.

For costumes, I made sure that the robes or capes are not too long for my kid’s height. I also bought face paint free from lead and other harmful chemicals that might cause allergy to my kids.

As early as now, I remind them to always follow what mom and dad says whenever we are in public places like mall so we could avoid inconveniences.

Anyway, we are planning to attend a mall event near our place so kids could enjoy the spooky day.  Afterwards, we will proceed to the cemetery to visit our departed loved ones.

What preparations have you done and where do you want to spend that special day?