Trick or Treat Goodies

Image DetailKids love receiving candies during Trick or Treat. However, parents should monitor what sweets our child eats. I don’t want to be mean but some candies distributed in the Trick or Treat event may be harmful to our kid’s health. Especially now that candies made in “magic sugar” are also out in the market.

What is magic sugar?

Magic Sugar or sodium cyclamate/ neotogen is an artificial sweetener found to cause cancer on animals. The Food and Drugs Administration in the Philippines already banned magic sugar since August 2000 because of it’s carcinogenicity.

However, the use of magic sugar still seemed to be active in the market. Just this August 2011, authorities raided a food factory in Malabon producing jelly products after confirming reports that it uses magic sugar as sweetener.

I don’t want to scare you moms but awareness is a must. I know we also love to give our kids some candies, but please don’t let them eat too much sweets that can be really tricky.

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  1. i must agree, what is most scary during these trick or treat events are the giveaway sweets that children will mindlessly consume…maybe organizers ought to think of healthier alternative to give out…

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