Hi-5 Philippines Will Bring Happiness on TV This June 15

This good and wonderful news will surely get you hooked on TV starting next week, June 15!

Are you curious? Then let’s start counting…1, 2 ,3, 4…Hi-5!

Yes, dear parents and dear kids, the Philippines already have a local version of the award-winning Australian children’s edutainment program, Hi-5. My daughter and I were lucky enough to meet the new Hi-5 Philippines casts – Gerard, Aira, Rissey, Alex and Fred!


Young fans excitedly interact with the new dynamic quintet as they sing-along with the song, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, and dance to the tune of DANCING BUS, plus keep their body moving with L-O-V-E!



Plus a bonus to meet in person Fely Irvine, Hi-5


The talented and dynamic cast will surely rock our household starting on June 12, Monday, 8:30 a.m. only at Tv5. For kids who go to school early in the morning, you can still catch the afternoon airing  at 3:45 p.m.

24 comments on “Hi-5 Philippines Will Bring Happiness on TV This June 15

  1. wow, this kid’s program has gotten so popular that your local tv station made a local version out of it! the little girl (kristiane) looks cute!

  2. I am so bad and I think I need to start watching TV again. I’m not familiar with Hi-5, but if it’s something both fun and educational for kids then it should be good. I hope to catch some episodes on days when I don’t have work but I’ll definitely pass this on to my cousins who have kids.

  3. My girls are crazy about high 5. It’s nice to know that there is now a local version. They’re going to love this.

  4. My nephews are all over the Australian Hi-5 programs too. Interesting that there is a philippines version 😉 Your daughter must be really happy to attend the session!

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