How Old Is Your School Bus?

It’s school time once again! Just a reminder for parents who are still searching for a school service vehicle to consider looking for a new transportation unit for your kids.

I have nothing against those who operate with old school bus service. I am just concerned because the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said earlier that they will strictly impose to ban school service vehicle that is 15-year old or more in the business. This is in accordance to the existing memorandum circular issued last 2013.

I thought LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez, have balls to implement the memorandum when he told the media that their agency have no plans to extend the one-year reprieve it gave the operators, but then suddenly Ginez gave them another year.

I know many lives would be affected if the memo takes effect, but I think it’s better if LTFRB withdraw the memorandum instead because it’s useless.  Oh well, what can we expect in a country with so many laws and memorandums left unimplemented?

And now, LTFRB Chairman Ginez are asking parents to be more careful in choosing a school service for our children. So this is how he can help the parents and the students?

In this case, fellow parents do visit and read What Parents Need To Know About School Bus. Hope it helps.

9 comments on “How Old Is Your School Bus?

  1. This is an important issue since our kids are riding this vehicle everyday. Even more important though, is the DRIVER!

  2. Thanks for the friendly reminder. Though I don’t live there, I know a lot of mom friends who should be reminded of this for the safety of their children.

  3. I agree with your point. The LTFRB should really look into this matter because the safety of many many kids are at stake here. Though parents have the responsibility too to ensure the bus their children rides in is safe and not old, LTFRB should still do their job in making sure that old vehicles shouldn’t be given licences.

  4. A lot of people do a car pool service because of that. At least from where I live. The car pool itself is managed by a family in the community who has a kid that also goes to school so that’s more reliable. Then again, that’s just for small, close-knit neighborhoods.

  5. We never had a school bus service so I totally have no idea about the LTFRB requirements. I think not many parents are aware of the condition of the buses as they put their complete trust on the school admin for the safety of their kids.

  6. The reason why parents get the services of a school bus is to ensure that their kids get home safely, in a safe vehicle. LTFRB should outlaw school buses older than 15 years!

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