How to give your child proper nutrition?

It is important for children above 3 years old to receive all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need for growth and development. Their growing years are needing a lot of effort from parents to make the children healthy and properly nourished.

Also, getting proper nutrition ensures they receive all the nutrients required for brain and bone development

How do you complete your child’s daily nutrition needs?
• Make sure to prepare healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• Follow the Go, Grow, and Glow meal guide.

• Let your child drink a glass of Lactum 3+

LACTUM 3+ has the essential immuno-nutrients – Vitamins A, C, 1E, Zinc, and Selenium – to help strengthen your child’s immune system and to help keep them safe and protected from illnesses, especially this pandemic.

Another milk product that helps in brain development is Enfagrow A+ Four Nura Pro. It has a game changing combination of MFGM, DHA plus prebiotic blend with HMO. The good news it has no added sucrose.

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