Don’t forget the Pampers diaper sale this 8.8

Moms need to be practical in so many ways. But there are also times when mommies need not to be frugal. RIGHT? I really give it all for my children’s sake. For example, when buying diaper, I make sure that it is perfect for my baby’s delicate skin. Why? Because treating baby skin infections will cost me more than buying the diaper that suits their skin and needs.

I am a Pampers mommy, my children, even my nephews and nieces are Pampers babies. Currently, we opt buying Pampers Pants for Avielle and here are the reasons why:

  1. The new Magic Gel Channel locks away wetness to prevent bulk and sagging.
  2. Changing diaper with Pampers Pants is easy for active baby
  3. The All Around Stretchy waistband moves with baby for a customized fit and helps prevent leakage.
  4. It is breathable to let hot air out and made with light and breathable materials to let air flow through
  5. Soft cottony cover wraps your baby’s skin with comfort
  6. Baby Lotion acts as a protective barrier to help baby’s skin.

Yes, Pampers has magic gel channels that evenly distributes and locks away wetness to prevent bulk and sagging. The reason why it is practical to use compared to other brand.

Pampers products are included in August 8 Mega Flash Sale from Shopee.

Mommies, we can enjoy great deals from Pampers and please don’t let it slide.