Jollibee’s I Love You Sabado is Back!

Jollibee is bringing back good memories of my childhood days through its “I Love You, Sabado” campaign. Who would forget this classic jingle and the family bonding time every weekend at Jollibee?

Isang tulog na lang, Jollibee na naman.
Ang araw lulubog, bukas mabubusog
Sa Chicken Joy manok at Yum Burger bilog
I love you, Sabado pati na rin linggo
Hintay ka lang, Jollibee nandyan na ko
Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee!

Even Jollibee Yumbassador, Bamboo also remembers this song as he performs at Jollibee E. Rodriguez, Quezon City branch last Saturday.



Bamboo entertaining the Jollibee kids.



Kiat enjoyed her Saturday with her fellow kids singing with Bamboo and dancing with Jollibee!jollibeekiat

Now, it’s my daughters turn to sing the iconic jingle with a new lyrics

Isang tulog na lang ang hinihintay buong linggo
Papalapit-lapit, ‘di na makapikit
dahil nandiyan na ang araw na akoy …mabubusog

Mabubusog sa saya, ang ligaya ay one to sawa
Sasakay ng bisikleta kasama aking kuya ang ligaya one to sawa
Yayayain si Mama at Papa mag-enjoy ng Chicken Joy

I love you, Sabado pati na rin Linggo
Hintay ka lang, Jollibee nand’yan na ko

Sabado ang araw ko, masusunod ang puso ko
Masaya ang buong pamilya, at home sa Jollibee!

Sana arawaraw ay ganito
Sana buong linggo ay sing saya ng Sabado!

This JOLLIBEE  jingle reminds us to spend time with the family during weekends.

We can never turn back time so let us have some quality time with our family, especially our kids when we are free from work. It helps build the bond of relationship not only with you and your partner but also with your children. Having quality time makes children feel more confident and secure.

So, how will you spend the coming weekend? I think teaching your child to sing the new rendition of Jollibee’s iconic jingle and eat together at the nearest Jollibee store will be fun and memorable.