Kitchen Improvement

Summer time is also the perfect time to do some home renovation.

Last year, we repainted the room in violet and white. This time, we remodeled the small kitchen for a week.  It’s time to replace the light yellow wall, the cream colored cabinet and the white tiles to create a more enlivening kitchen. Thanks for the television programs about home renovation and kitchen makeover, some advice are considered for the new kitchen design and color.


The old kitchen undressed.

The lavender color kitchen tiles are just perfect. The kitchen is small only 25 tiles fitted in – not heavy for the pocket.


This is how the new tile looks like.

Since the kitchen sink is still in good condition, there’s no urgent need to replace it.


Old sink remains

Notice the wall. It was painted in chartreuse green and the moulding in white color. The wooden cabinets are also painted in white.


The base cabinets are also remodeled so there will be space for new appliances and to maintain the countertop uncluttered.


A new place for the oven toaster and the microwave oven

This is now how the new kitchen looks like. So funky and lively!


New kitchen look!

16 comments on “Kitchen Improvement

  1. I love the new kitchen. It’s stylish and fresh. The choice of colors makes the space pop. Beautiful! ????

  2. Very nice renovation. You are right to be proud and show us your great result. Now all you need is to cook great food in there. Hehe.

  3. It is amazing what an incredible change happened to this kitchen. The difference before and after is stunning. I would like to renovate my own kitchen this way! Great ideas!

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