Kwebang Lampas: Small Cave by the Cove

If you’re thinking of traveling to Quezon province, I would recommend you to visit Lukang Beach in Pagbilao. That is if you are searching for a remote place to relax with nature. The place is also known as Puting Buhangin or Kwebang Lampas to the locals because of the small cave by the cove.

Lukang Beach is a non-commercialized secluded place. If I’m not mistaken, the place is still under litigation for ownership and maybe the reason why it has not been developed despite of the increasing number of tourists wanting to visit the remote paradise.

Anyway, getting to Lukang Beach or Kwebang Lampas, require long hours of land travel from Manila, a hefty 4 to 5 hours to Lucena City and from SM Lucena or Lucena Grand Central, you still need another mini bus ride/jeepney/UV ride to Pagbilao town. If you manage to ride on a bus going to Bicol, you have to drop off at Pagbilao town.

From the town proper, you have to travel at least an hour going to Kanlurang Malicboy or Ibabang Polo by tricycle or by passenger jeep. You will know that you are near if you see the chimney of Pagbilao Power Plant.


You can reach the cove by boat ride or if you’re adventurous enough, try crossing the man-made fish pen by boat then go trekking through a rocky shore and onto a bushy path towards the mountainside.


This is the view on the other side after the boat transfer. Your starting point to trek.


After passing through the bushy part, here is the pathway for those who chose the road less traveled.


It will lead you to the back gate entrance of the Lukang Beach where the caretaker will welcome you. The place is private so we have to follow the rules. We brought a tent where we could sleep because there is no room accommodation. Only three simple cottages are available and public restroom.


The long white sandy shore is also filled with seashells and tiny marine hermit crabs that I love to collect from every beach we visit when I was a kid.


With the clear seawater, you can easily view a group of small fish and it is abundant in sea urchins too so be careful.


A view of the shore from the cave.


It is still low tide when we entered the cave.


View of the adjacent part of Pagbilao sea from inside the cave.


Going to Kwebang Lampas is somehow challenging. You cannot enter the premises or pass through the checkpoint if you do not have permission from the caretaker of the beach so don’t forget your privilege pass. You will be charged P100.00 per person.

If you have kids, better go there through a boat ride rather than trekking. It is very far from the town proper so be sure to bring everything you need like food, water and first aid kits. Be ready with your emergency contact numbers just in case of fortuitous events.

What’s great? It is also a gateway to other island beach of the adjacent town of Padre Burgos.

45 comments on “Kwebang Lampas: Small Cave by the Cove

  1. It looks inviting and relaxing there. I’m thinking of having a vacation with the kids and the hubby, and this is surely on the list. I wish I can go there.

  2. I’m not what you can call a frequent traveler, that’s why I haven’t been to Quezon as of yet. The beach looks great, I just don’t know about the caves and the foresty path to the beach though haha. Maybe when I get into the spirit of adventure I might just give this a try! 🙂

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard about Kwebang Lampas. We are going to Quezon at the end of the month, I would love to see this place.

  4. Wow! I’d love to visit Lukang Beach some day. Will have to do a lot of convincing with my partner since this is a long drive, ride and boat ride away from Manila, but that pristine beach, small cave and non-commercial state of the place makes it all the more beautiful and visit-worthy. 🙂

  5. Does someone own the place? I remember going to this island in Quezon, kind of remote ( zero signal ) but really gorgeous. According to the locals, it’s privately owned. Anyways, this is my kind of trip – I love the rawness of Kwebang Lampas and of the beach. I like that it’s not yet commercialized. I hope it’s kept that way.

  6. The Philippine beaches are really marvelous to behold. People think that Boracay is the only place to see, but there are lots of other beaches like that where it’s like paradise.

  7. This is a great place to relax in and just enjoy the beach. A part of me hopes it will not be commercialized because its beauty might be damaged like what have happened in Boracay and other now commercialized areas.

  8. I have never heard of this place before. Our country really has a lot of beautiful beaches, the more remote the better. I am not much for the party beach that Boracay is now.

  9. How is the experience of sitting on a small boat and caves looks really beautiful. Wish to go and explore one soon.

  10. I’ve just read and knew this place now. This is another great place to visit. I have been hopping from island to island, and this is one good place to consider visiting. And yes, because it’s cave, that makes this place a priority. I wanted to go caving recently. And well, this is gonna be the next one.

  11. Wow that is one long journey from Manila before you even get close! But the caves are so pretty – well worth the long commute I think 🙂

  12. I love the name.. you are so lucky to discover this hidden and seemingly unspoiled paradise.. I’ve been looking for a great place to visit this summer and I will definitely put this on my list… this must be a great adventure! Thanks for sharing

  13. My husband used to work at Pagbilao Power Plant a decade ago and he said too bad they weren’t able to explore these places in Pagbilao. I would love to go there but thinking about the long hours of travel time makes me hesitant.

  14. Quezon Province is something that I haven’t explored yet and when I finally do I am going to Kwebang Lampas. It looks like a good place where you can just relax.

  15. This looks really nice especially since they’re aren’t so many tourist! The downside would just have to be the long drive there but it seems worth it anyway ????????????

  16. Kwebang Lampas and Lukang Beach, those names sounds funny to me.. But the place were superb! It was beautiful… i miss going places, taking adventures and collecting nature photographs.. glad you enjoyed the trip! 🙂

  17. I said this before in another post, but I’ll say it again – a LOT of people have been traveling everywhere lately! Ugghh, how I wish I could take a vacation off work! >__< The beach looks amazing! I'd love to take a stroll by the shore early in the morning and maybe lie on my back to pass away time. Haha.

  18. What a fabulous beach area! I would adore seeing all the sea life here (the urchins not so much); thank you for this handy guide

  19. Let’s take advantage while the place isn’t as commercialized unlike some tourist spots here in the country. I always love going to places like these that help me connect with nature. ugh, tourist traps are such a pain.

  20. Kweba lampas is one of my bukcet list this 2016, will try to visit this, thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

  21. Wow! You were able to bring your kid! I always find myself declining invitations to go to far off places since I had kids. Seeing how you were able to bring yours all the way to Quezon is an inspiration 🙂

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