M.O.M. is No. 47 in Feedspot

Woke up with a good news as Mom’s Online Magazine debuts in Feedspot this month.
Initially, M.O.M. ranked No. 49. on Top 80 Philippines Moms Blog last Aug. 18, 2022

Yesterday, Aug. 24, M.O.M. is two notch higher on No. 47! Hurray!

Thank you for helping my blog achieve a new milestone. I am in awe that this blog is listed along with MomCenter Philippines, The Asian Parent Phiippines and Smart Parenting along with other mom bloggers like The Macho Mom and Mommy Berlin. It is such a great honor ?

7 comments on “M.O.M. is No. 47 in Feedspot

  1. Thankyou for inspiring moms giving tips and advices and for your shared experience in your blogs. Keep it Up ??

  2. Congratulations M.O.M. dahil Kasama ka sa 80 Best Philippines Mom Blogs and Websites,47 out of 80 galing naman po,napaka dami naman talaga matutunan sa inyong blogs mom from being a mother,sharing delicious recipes,tipid tips,about fashion and entertainment,Wala ng hahanapin pa dahil lahat andito na po sa iyong Blogs.. and super generous and kind pa ..Congratulations po and God blessed M.O.M.

  3. Congratulations po for being number 49 sa 80 Best Philippines Blog and Website,madami po kami natutunan magmula sa pagiging mommy,sa mga food recipes,tipid tips,magagandang place,healthy life style at madami pa pong iba..God blessed po

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