Mabe: When your home works, everything works!

Home is heaven for moms like me. Although doing mom chores are really stressful but fun, there are many ways to lighten up the home work. One is having the appliances that help us in our daily activities.

Appliances are built to perform. These things are of big help for mothers because it gives an extra hand to make the chore easy to do and gives us more time for other things like taking care of your home business and your children as well.

As a mom, I’d really like to have some high-end appliances at home, like the Unitized space maker washer and electric dryer and yes, that ingenious refrigerator that looks perfect in my kitchen! However, as a home maker, I also have to be wise in budgeting and opt for a more affordable yet durable appliance.

Good thing, mabe appliance company is now in the Philippines! It officially launched its own line of appliances last September 8.

mabe boasts innovative designs and intuitive technology developed by their development center which is one of the largest and advanced in the world, and they believe this is the perfect time to launch their appliances in the Philippine market.

“We are confident more than ever,” says Jane Lo, General Manager of mabe International – Asia. “The economy is upbeat and the growth is projected to continue for many years to come. More homes are being built, and a better quality of living is being sought by the market.”

According to Jane, mabe aims to improve the everyday life of as many Filipino household as possible. “We are aligned with CYA Industries, our local partner, on our go to market strategy. CYA mission is to deliver the world’s best brands and products that provide comfort in everyday home living, keeping abreast of technologies that make them affordable and sustainable to as many Filipinos as possible.”

I know, mabe is still a baby in the country, but lo and behold, they are in partner with General Electric or GE appliances that has been selling products to the Philippine market. And knowing how reliable GE products are, then all the more Mabe which is its manufacturer, right?


And the good news about Mabe making waves in Philippine homes, it will have the same high quality and top-of-the-line features as their GE-labeled counterparts at a competitive price! So having my dream spacemaker washer and dryer might definitely come true!

mabe refrigerator

mabe Ingenious refrigerator

mabe washing machine

This is mabe’s spacemaker wash and dry. I just love this one. Don’t worry mabe also have top load washing machines.

mabe microwave

mabe microwave oven

Ever wonder why mabe appliances are the best options for your homes?

  1. Mabe appliances are affordable
  2. Mabe appliances are easy to use
  3. Mabe appliances offer innovative features
  4. Mabe appliances are reliable

Mabe is true to its saying, when your home works, everything works!


mabe started in Mexico in 1946 by business partners Egon Mabardi and Francisco Berrondo; the first two letters of each of their family names was taken to form the company name. Initially, the company manufactured kitchen furniture, gas stoves, ovens, and embeddable grills, but in the 1960s, they began to make refrigerators as well, and they expanded their operations to Central America and the Caribbean.

mabe became known for their pioneering use of plastic interiors in their refrigerators, and their successes brought them to the attention of international appliance company General Electric. They entered into a partnership with GE in 1987 and, by doing so, gained a truly international reach. The company has since entered into various commercial partnerships, becoming a market leader across the Americas, and they hope to bring this success into Asia, Middle East and Europe now as well.

At present, mabe manufactures 13 brands in 15 plants distributed from Canada to Argentina and its products are sold in over 75 countries all around the world. They have over 20,000 employees all engaged in producing, distributing, and marketing over 9 million appliances every year.

For more product information, please check out the company website at


28 comments on “Mabe: When your home works, everything works!

  1. Mabe appliances certainly do sound like the cream of the crop! I can totally understand wanting the best for your home, but thankfully that does not always mean spending a fortune..

  2. Now you are making me wish we had Mabe in our country too..then furnishing my new place wouldn’t be so tough! 🙂

  3. Hope to see you using it one day and tell me if it’s good… sometimes, appliances should not be only catered to mums, but to dads too! Dads have to help with the household chores!

  4. Sounds like a great brand to have at home! Its association with GE is already proof that it’s good in quality (hopefully!) Price would be the deciding factor, though

  5. Wow, really jealous of having such a reliable company to provide the Filipino households with such utilities. I dont seem to find a suitable company to cover my household needs in my city!

  6. Aside from being affordable I like how classy Mabe appliances look like. Its time to replace those old ones with new and innovative technology like Mabe’s.

  7. Technology has brought so much comfort to our lives. Multi-tasking at home is no longer impossible, making moms’ lives easier than before. This also allows time for moms to do other important things.

  8. New brand on the rise. That’s clear, and for moms, an perhaps, parents in general, having these type of appliances… okay, let’s say mabe… would bring much ease and convenience on their part. Hmmm, that spacemaker wash seemed interesting for me.

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