My Chami

If there’s one food I really love to eat whenever I go home in the province of Quezon, it’s Pancit Chami.

My grandmother often buy Pancit Chami at Plaza but it is now called Plaza Green during Sunday after going to church.

The picture of Pancit Chami you are seeing is from Plaza. I bought it when I went home last week of May in time for the Pasayahan. Just like before, Pancit Chami was wrapped in banana leaf and paper. The only difference I noticed was it does not contain quail eggs or maybe they ran out of stock, but the taste? It’s still the same.

Aside from Plaza, we also buy Pancit Chami at Mang Badoring. A panciteria near our home that offers short order of all kinds of pancit – chami, miki bihon, pancit bihon and lomi. Pancit Chami from Badoring is darker and saucy than Plaza. You can also prefer it sweet or a little spicy, just tell the crew when you order. However, I am not aware if Badoring’s Panciteria still exist and I was not able to ask my cousin about it.

My short visit in the province was all worth it because aside from seeing my grandmother we enjoyed eating our favorite Pancit Chami together, just like the old times.





24 comments on “My Chami

  1. Yup, Gemma. I was not able to capture some photo of the resto kc daming tiangge sa labas dahil fiesta.

  2. now ko lang narinig iyang pancit chami, iba pa ba yan sa Pancit habhab? na curious tuloy ako sa lasa, mukhang masarap.

  3. Yes, Ms Tess, iba pa ang Pancit Chami sa famous Pancit Habhab ng Quezon. Ang Chami kc hindi mo mabibili sa ambulant vendor unlike Pancit Habhab na kahit sa lako mabibili mo. But Chami is also common in Lucban, Tayabas, Pagbilao aside from Lucena.

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of Chami, and I was thinking it was perhaps another name of Habhab, which I only also learned from a friend from collage, who posted it on his FB.

    It looks very tasty on the picture.

    You made me homesick for pancit! lol

    Of course we can buy different kind of noodles here, too. Many Asian noodles, but it’s still different taste after you cook it, and never quiet near how one remembers it, like I do from my childhood.

    I think it lacks my mom cooking it, the air in the Philippines and simply the Filipino way of appreciating a good pancit!

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