My Little Violet Room

From celadon green color our room is now imagine violet!

It took us some time repainting our little room. The reason is my husband’s changeable mind. Yes, it’s his not mine, lolz. We first bought Davies Sea Sprinkle paint thinking of the light blue outcome.

However, when we started painting the room – yes, we did it ourselves for bonding time sake – he’s not happy with the outcome. The color looks dirty white even in three coatings.

I was thinking the effect was caused by the old green color of the room. And so we changed the paint color and shifted to Imagine Violet, still from Davies.

This time he loved how the paint gave a new look and ambiance in our little room.


To compliment with the color violet, I maintained the white paint of our window. We also bought a new blinds. This time, I chose the almond white wood blinds by Durawood.


Now this is how it looks like.


I’m excited for the finishing. We’re still completing things up and that means more work in the coming weekends.

12 comments on “My Little Violet Room

  1. I love the color because it is my favorite color, VIOLET or PURPLE! Hahahaha…and color violet means cool if you paint it to your room just use a very light shade because according to my friend who is a house stylist it is not advisable to use color VIOLET or PURPLE in your bedroom or your living room. It has been used to modern kitchen walls accompanied with BLACK appliances.

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