One Summer in Boracay

Our last hurrah for summer 2015 was a family vacation in one of the world’s beautiful beaches – Boracay Island!

I just wanted to give you some sneak peak of the sceneries we enjoyed in the island. The first five photos were captured using my Nikon D5100 while I use Samsung Note 3 on the remaining pics. Enjoy watching!


Sunrise in Bolobog area


You can see the different species of fish under the water.

This is Ilig-Iligan

This is Ilig-Iligan Beach


Ilig-Iligan Beachfront

My kids enjoying the night

My kids enjoying the night

Photos captured by Samsung Note 3


Boats welcoming the APEC delegates

Atop Mt. Luho

Atop Mt. Luho

Grotto at Station 1

Grotto at Station 1

My son

My son

Boracay sunset at Station 2

Boracay sunset at Station 2

79 comments on “One Summer in Boracay

  1. This made me really miss Boracay! I miss going around the island and seeing the clear blue water. I just hope the commercialism would be controlled to protect the beauty of this island.

  2. Boracay really presents the beauty of nature day till night. Great photos you took! What lens did you use? Kit lens or prime for landscape view?

  3. awww the fishes are so pretty. It’s true boracay is such a beautiful island, I hope it stays beautiful and that tourists won’t get carried away with garbage

  4. Sabi ng marami, you are blessed kung nakapunta ka ng Boracay. You are one of them and me too. Yes, Boracay is such an awesome place to visit and the activities are great. Babalik kami uli riyan next year.

  5. wow! I’m going to boracay this august for the first time and can’t wait to see everything myself. the place looks beautiful and you and your family seemed to have a lot of fun!

  6. I always love each visit in Boracay whether it’s an adventure at Mt Luho or riding an ATV, trying the Zorb Ball, partying or just chilling at the beach, they have all the variety of things to do.

  7. Boracay will always have a sweet spot in my heart. I’ve had a lot of happy memories there and it’s always nice to visit the island. I’m sure you had a blast during your stay.

  8. The first picture caught my eyes in an instant! It’s a splendid capture! I love the waves of the thin clouds greeting the sun as it rises to give light to the world. I also love the boats giving attention to the sun and responded with ripples in the sea.

    Perfect.. Just perfect.. πŸ™‚

  9. All the photos are stunning. I’ve been there once, but that was eons ago. I would love to visit Boracay again.

  10. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. I prefer a quiet beach than the party and crowded places. Thanks for introducing Ilig Iligan Beach.

  11. Honestly, I am no longer in love with Boracay. Back when I was in College I always coveted to go to Bora. And I didn’t have the means then. After couple of years working, I was able to afford and paid visit to the BORA everyone seems to talk about. I am surprised at how overcrowded and overdeveloped (is it a correct term?) it has become. I didn’t enjoy it. Not my cup of tea when it comes to islands and beaches and sun and sand. It has become more commercially flocked than a place of nature. Still, I hope this place is restored to its purity and virginity.

  12. I have heard a lot of people saying the beauty of Boracay before it really becomes a tourist attraction. Thanks for sharing this awesome place~

  13. The water looks so clear that I just want to jump in the picture and stay by the beach all day. It looks like a very fun trip. I hope you had a good one.

  14. wow babe, those photos are beautiful! You are def doing justice to your new DSLR. Can’t wait to reach more of your adventure with the kids in Boracay!

  15. Yes, I agree with you, Boracay today is overcrowded and too commercialized, but I have been to some areas in the island that are far from the crowd and noise. Example is the Ilig-Iligan beach where the water is clearer than in Stations 1,2 and 3. The Puka Beach is also a good alternative to those who wants serenity.

  16. Love the photos! Even those taken with your Samsung Note 3 look really good. But of course, an slr still produces sharper, higher quality photos. πŸ˜€ Anyway, I have yet to experience Boracay, but I’ll keep Ilig-Iligan in mind when planning my Boracay getaway. ^__^

  17. Wow,I am just jealous! SO beautiful and relaxing. It will just have to be in my dreams.

  18. I’ve never been to Boracay, it looks really beautiful; thanks for posting such great pictures!

  19. I am the worst when it comes to geography! I’ve never heard of Boracay! Where is it? I really need help on this one…well, time to look it up on the internet!!! LOL

  20. Wow! These pictures look amazing, it looks like they truly captured the beauty of Boracay!!

  21. Wow, wow, and wow! What a beautiful setting and what gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Beautiful and wonderful pictures. I just loved looking at them and to imagine seeing it in person! I would love to go there and never really thought about it before now. Thank You!

  23. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous. Seems you’re one heck of a photographer. Thank you for sharing pics of such a beautiful place.
    Carol L

  24. Your pictures are gorgeous and you really captured the beauty of Boracay! What a wonderful place to take a vacation and the water is breathtaking!

  25. Borocay looks beautiful and amazing. I would love to go there! I have never even heard of it before. You are a wonderful photographer also

  26. The very first photo would make an amazing piece to hang in my living room. It’s so spacious and breathy. Love it!

  27. Your pictures are really beautiful. I would love to go there someday, but I’m afraid that is too far for me to be able to go.

  28. Never been but the photos are great. So colorful, fun, and peaceful. I love the beach shots and good that you have some of your kids too.

  29. This made me miss Boracay.. Eventhough it’s overcrowded and/or too commercialized, I still want to visit the island again. It has its certain charm that will make you wanna come back..

  30. What wonderful pictures you took. They made me want to go there. I love how clear the water looks.

  31. I miss boracay, the last time I went there was last 2011. I hope to go back there. The pictures are so nice btw.

  32. Beautiful pictures, never heard of this island. I have to say I would like to leave now and visit.

  33. One word-Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love the tropics, beaches and hot weather and lots of water. I miss living in florida. What a nice destination this is.

  34. I miss Boracay. I miss travelling! I miss riding a plane. My last travel was 2 yrs ago while pregnant with my baby. Now we haven’t traveled yet. Maybe next time when she’s a bit bigger.

  35. It has been 13 years since I returned to the city. From 1998 to 2003, I lived on Boracay. I co-owned a dive shop and was teaching scuba diving. I had my share of fun there.

  36. I love everything in here! I’m a beach baby, and a sunset chaser, and am hoping to see Boracay soon enough. I just wanna ask as to how were you able to take underwater photo with the D5100? Or is it a waterproof cam? ?

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