Parenting: Kids & Gadget Use

Most children today love gadgets. Admit it, we give our kids cellphone, tablet, iPad and even laptop, as birthday gift or as reward for doing good in their studies.

There is nothing wrong about giving them access to technology in this point in time, but parents must never forget  the responsibilities involve in getting our kids into the world wide web, through their gadgets. Why? Because children of today easily learn and are well-equipped to use technology.

Even babies or toddlers easily get hooked on gadgets. Because we allow them too. Because it easily gets their attention. Because gadgets are great “silencer” when we want peace and order at home. I know many of us parents are guilty of this.

Recently, the World Health Organization, suggests to limit the children’s usage of gadgets  to one hour daily. WHO particularly pointed out the age five and below. Experts agree that these kids should spend at least 3 hours doing physical activities and avoid getting them hooked on electronic screen.

Too much gadgets use is harmful to our kids. It can cause them gaming disorder and affect their moods in the long run. It can also deprived them of enough sleep that may affect their cognitive development. It can also lead to obesity because of their lack of physical activities.

How about you, mommies and daddies, do you manage your children’s use of gadgets? Do you let them use it anytime they wanted to or do you impose screen time limit?

Please share us some tips.