Parent-Teacher Interaction

ptaYesterday, hubby and I attended the Parents-Teachers Association meeting. We were excited to meet other parents and our son’s adviser for the school’s special program – Engineering and Science Education Program or ESEP curriculum.

The meeting started with a transparency report about the centralized P.T.A. financial status and achievements. Majority of the projects focused mainly on cleanliness and security in and outside the campus.

We were also briefed about the following:

  • School Rules and Regulations – the do’s and don’t for the students. I was overwhelmed on how the teachers speak and reach out to parents to help them mold and develop our children’s personality and social behavior.
  • Child Protection Policy – we were informed about the enforcement of the anti-bullying law and how the school will handle and resolve issues of bullying under the supervision of the special committee that the school created.
  • Operation and Management of School Canteens – the school canteen only serves healthy foods. No junk foods are allowed as they strictly follow the Department of Education’s policy. The school also prohibits ambulant vendor inside the school premises.

Then we elected homeroom P.T.A officers and eventually came up with a plan that will benefit our children while they’re in the campus.

The adviser willingly gave us his contact number and encouraged us to visit them at times so we can personally talk issues about our children’s situation or school standing. An act I do appreciate as parent because  I believe that molding a student lies not only to the teacher but also to the parents. Our support and inspiration are important to our children in their journey to learn, grow and be successful in life.









10 comments on “Parent-Teacher Interaction

  1. My daughter is not yet studying so I haven’t experience this kind of interaction. But, the understanding between the teacher and the parent is indeed very important to ensure child’s protection and improvement.

  2. I remember our school canteen years ago serving all junk foods we can possibly think of. It’s a good thing that your child’s school has a healthy food policy, we didn’t have that when we were young.

  3. I have attended the PTA meeting of my grade 2 son, I am just disappointed that most parents did not showed up because they always thought that this kind of meeting is just a discussion of expenses. I never cant get lazy participating on school activities for my son it is a way of showing the children how we value their education.

  4. General P.T.A. meeting happens only in a year but the homeroom P.T.A. it’s every two months. This is from my son’s previous school.

  5. I always attend to my kids Parents’ Assembly too, I make time for it. It’s allows me to get to know more their teachers and my fellow parents.

  6. It might surprise you (or maybe not) that there are also parents who couldn’t be bothered to engage in these dialogues – and end up complaining the loudest when they feel they were misinformed or uninformed. Good job on being involved!

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