Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

A Willow Tree Collection is Filled With Love.

Willow Tree figurines are hand carved and designed by Susan Lordi. They show deep emotions of various kinds and are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day and for any special occasions when you want to show mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, or friends how much you care for them and how much they mean in your life.

Meaningful gestures by beautiful figures convey the thoughts on these figurines, and those with floral arrangements add bright colors that will liven up a room. Emotions are expressed by a tilt of the head, a turn of the body, and the placement of hands and objects.

A few examples of the elegance and tenderness demonstrated in these simple figurines are these:

Willow Tree Heart of Gold

“You will always have my heart.”
A boy is shown holding a gold heart close to his chest. This is perfect as a gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, and any other special occasion or simply as a gesture of love at any time.

Willow Tree Happiness

“FREE to sing, laugh, dance”
This features a girl with small blue birds landing on her outstretched arms. You almost feel like you and she can fly.

Willow Tree Friendship

“Friendship is the sweetest gift.”
A girl holds pretty metal flowers in front of her.

Willow Tree Quietly

“Quietly encircled by love.”
This features the rewards and joys of motherhood as it shows a mother sitting and holding her young son on her lap with another son by her side as they share a special moment of love and closeness.

Commemorate love, friendship, happiness, and even express sorrow with these emotionally ideal works of art. Coppin’s Gifts is a fine example of a source that has the assortment that will fit everyone on your list when you search for the perfect present. You can also browse the latest additions in the unique Willow Tree line to add new figures to your own or someone else’s collection. Honor those you love, give sick ones encouragement and hope, celebrate a variety of milestones, create a memory, or simply say “I Love You.”