Relaxing at the Gem in the forest

Good to know that the government eases some restrictions and people in the metro can now go out of town while strictly following health protocols and submitting some requirement.

Actually, it is hard to find a place to stay and relax in the suburds today since the operations are affected by the pandemic. BUT we still managed to find one.

Because safety is our priority, we looked for a quiet place near the mountains down south. Lo and behold, we found a gem in the middle of the forest! A 5 room cabin with kids and adult pool plus jacuzzi.

There is also a secret room, where we found a videoke machine, slate pool table, basketball game machine and many others. It gives me a Timezone feels actually. I don’t mind having big brown bears or venomous snakes as neighbors in the backyard if we have these entertainment in the “secret room” at the basement playful mode.

The Cabin has a Pavilion Hall with a sala set, dining table, water dispenser +one-5gal water, gas stove, microwave, ref, ricecooker, microwave.

In the Cabin sala upstairs, lies the flat big television and there’s a cozy couch with massage features that oldies will like. It also has outdoor furnitures and barbeque grill where you can watch the sun set while sipping beer.

For a 5-minute ride or 10 minutes walk, you can also enjoy sun bathing in the beach. Though the sand is not quite fine, the seawater is very clear that you can see the small fish swimming under.

It is a self-contained establishment that provides an array of amenities, typically including entertainment and recreation that families can enjoy while also enjoying nature. A kind of place we need to unwind.

Holiday finally comes to an end! It’s been fun but I think our 3 days stay is not enough. I’m really looking forward to going back here more often.

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  1. Wow. Ang ganda naman po ng place na ito . Very relaxing and refreshing . Talagang perfect for staycation ..

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