Why You’ll Love Doing the Laundry with Samsung Washing Machine?

Way back when I was a kid, we were three little girls and a boy, our mom used to delegate tasks for each one of us – except for the boy who’s still a baby then –  I am in charge of the laundry and my younger sister ironed our clothes and the youngest, she’s the queen of the dishes.

Of all the household chores, I so so love doing the laundry. It’s not that I hate ironing clothes or washing the dishes but I really prefer washing the clothes than the rest. I just love the water and the smell of detergent bars or detergent powder.

Mind you, I still have to use the power of my hands to get rid of the dirt or stains on our clothes. Yes, we don’t have washing machine then, but when my father was able to buy one – doing the laundry became easy though I had problems with tangling clothes and removing particles that sometimes stick with the clothes.

Now that time flies so fast and I am a mother of two, I still love washing clothes.  However, I easily get tired of squatting and yes, back pains usually strikes me because (I know) I am not getting any younger.

Good thing, technology nowadays do play a vital role in building happier homes. When I was invited at the Samsung Musical event held at Blue Leaf, McKinley, Taguig, I was convinced that technology do contributes a lot to our daily lives. The lovely characters of RJ (played by Topper Fabregas) and Sam, (Shiela Valderama-Martinez) gave justice how Samsung Digital Appliances perfectly fits every kind of family – from cellphones, refrigerator, air-conditioning unit and washing machine.

Watch how RJ and Sam discusses about Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic ActivDualWash.

I was in awe with the Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic ActivDualWash. I believe it is perfect for my laundry needs.


  • It has dedicated sink, washboard and water jet built into the washer so there’s no need to squat and back pain will not be a problem anymore.
  • It features wobble technology that creates powerful vertical wash motion to prevent clothes from tangling.
  • It has a Magic Dispenser that uses propeller to dissolve detergent in the dispenser and spread it evenly.
  • It has Magic Filter that traps the lint, fluff and particles coming out of clothes during the washing process.
  • It is convenient to use, a space saver and energy efficient too.


Because it is fully automatic, I can do other things aside from washing clothes at home – like cooking, cleaning the house or guiding the kids with their homework. It is such a convenience for a multi-tasker mom like me.

Hubby is fully aware that I want this washing machine and I can’t wait to have it at home. To persuade him so, I always remind him that it’s a very lovely mothers day gift.


24 comments on “Why You’ll Love Doing the Laundry with Samsung Washing Machine?

  1. You remind me when I was a student, I used to washed my own clothes. Like you said, laundry is my favorite chores too than cooking. We can do laundry once a week but cooking is everyday and 3 times a day. Household chores make easy by using washing machine. Hope hubby will buy it for you.

  2. Having an automatic washing machine these days is a must-have in every household. With our hectic and busy schedules, manual washing of clothes will be very tedious. Samsung has a good range of appliances for modern-day families.

  3. I personally would rather wash the dishes than clothes. But washing clothes is better than ironing. Now ironing, that is really tough work! Hehe.

  4. I love Samsung washing machines, actually planning to get a new front load fully automatic this year coz the one we have it getting a bit rusty, looking into Samsung right now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I used to have this kind of washing machine and I can say that it’s really convenient for me since it’ll do everything like washing, drying then just wash again and dry and hang them up. It’s my kind of washing machine that I can use for years to come. 🙂

  6. This is really a time and life savers for super busy moms. I have an automatic washing machine as well (but different brand) and it gave me more time to spend with my kids while doing the laundry 🙂

  7. how much is this? i would love to buy one of these for my future house! though i was expecting they’ll roll out something like LG’s TrueSteam washing machine which also irons the clothes na via steam! hehe

  8. I saw this washing machine last week in the store and loved it so much specially the top sink for brushing the spoilt clothes. My next washing machine buy will be this only.

  9. This is cool! Samsung automatic washing machine, the size is perfectly fit in any surroundings and have a powerful and organized control panels. I like this!

  10. I would love to own a set of these. They are so beautiful… Nice machines do add value to your home laundry room.

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