Shopping for Plus-Sized Clothes

When I was a teenager, choosing clothes was a very easy task. I was tall, thin and easily fit into clothes. But now, turning forty in a couple of months, getting dressed seems to be a very daunting because of my weight gain in all areas of my body. I would often get depressed on how I look and would turn to food to make myself feel better. The teasing I get from friends and family makes it even worse . So, I often wore baggy clothes  and would always find myself using men’s shirt  to hide my insecurities away. 

Until recently, I get to see a lot of ads and body positive stories and photoshoots that perked-up my confidence and  interest. Little that I know that there are lots of shops supporting plus size fashion that are locally available like My Sister’s Closet Boutique Curvy Dresses. At first I was very shy placing my orders until I got to know people selling these items who themselves are “big and curvy”. I started wearing clothes that makes me look chic and fashionable at the same time. Not only that I began to look good, I started to feel good about myself as well. People around me started to see me happy and glowing. I’ve seen and talked to other women with the same situation and I started to help them out by telling my story. Surprisingly, many of them have the same dilemma and feelings towards their own bodies.

The truth is, there are still moments when I feel bad about my body and my looks. But what changed now is that I use these negative feeling as springboard to improve my style and my attitude towards embracing  my beautiful curves. A realization that hit me is that weight, size and age has nothing to do with fashion. All you need is a confidence in your body and a fantastic sense of style!

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  1. Same here po . Nung Hindi pa po ako naging Nanay, Hindi ako nahihirapan Sa paghahanap Ng mga damit Kasi Ang slim ko pa noon. Pero Nung nagkaanak na ako, at sinabayan pa nitong pandemic,alaki Ang naging pagbabako Sa katawan ko. Tumaba na ko. Mahirap nang humanap Ng masusuot .. Puro leggings nalang talaga ako.. Naging dahilan din toh Ng pagkakaroon ko Ng insecurities asking katawan..
    As time goes by, unti-unti Kong narerealized na dapat Hindi ako maging insecure.. Sa pagdadala Lang talaga Ng damit Yan.. Be confident! Chin Up.. Be proud of yourself! ??

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