Philippine Fashion Week: SM Kids’ Fashion

Every time we shop at the SM Kid’s section, my little daughter would definitely stop by the TV monitor at the area and watch how the model kids charm the runway wearing SM Kids clothing.

Seeing the pretty children model liven up my daughter’s personality and inspires her to be one someday. I can see it in her actions. When in front of the mirror, she mimics how the young models walk and pose. She even want to have the liberty to choose the clothes that she’d be wearing for the day.

And so when I learned about the Philippine Fashion Week-SM Kids’ Fashion, I eagerly asked other mom blogger how to avail a ticket to the show. But to be sure, I also joined at SM Facebook contest where fortunately, I won 2 tickets – aside from the invite I received!

One Saturday afternoon of October 27 at the SM Convention Center, my daughter personally met the young pretty models that she used to see only in television monitor at SM branches.

I can see how amazed my little girl when she saw the babies in their Christening gown by Trajecitos de Bebe at the start of the SM Kids’ Fashion show. Well dressed infants looked like experienced models in Crib Couture.

Boys really got styled in their red and green jeans paired in yellow button down shirt and the Bradley outfit.

Attentively my daughter watched the young models clad in their polka dot dress while gracing the runway.

Kids in Hello Kitty ruffled dress.

Our modern princess and prince.

The show was simple yet elegant enough to elevate our taste in kid’s fashion. Thanks Outsmark and SM for the opportunity you gave me and my daughter to witness the most talk-about kids fashion at the Philippine Fashion Week.

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