Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

Wonder why many cellphone postpaid subscribers are shifting to Sun Cellular?

Well, aside from the ever famous Unlimited text and calls it offer, you can choose from several plan options like the Regular Plan; Group Plan: Unli-Internet Plan and the Elite Plan.

With Regular Plan, you have the flexibility to choose your PHONE, the way you spend and still get access to Sun’s great rates.

The Group Plan, gives you more value for your money. This is also designed for those who seek stronger ties with Sun’s unlimited service.

With the Unli-Internet Plan, you have the power to stay all day long on BBM, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites with it’s 24/7 connectivity.

The Elite plan, takes you to a new level of Unlimited services by offering 24/7 call, text unlimited plus unlimited internet browsing. Unlimited SunTel local landline calls, free SMS to other networks, free IDD minutes to our top countries – all in just one plan!

For as low as P250, you can avail of the Fixed Load plan that is budget friendly, while its Easy Phone plan also gives its subscribers instant rewards.

But the best of all plans today are the Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 999. With these plans, you can avail of Alcatel’s LIGHTEST and THINNEST Phones.

Alcatel Idol is the lightest phone measuring 7.9 mm Other features include 4.7 Touch Screen;Android V 4.1;3G; Wi-Fi Hotspot;; 8MP Camera; Expandable Memory and Dual Core

For the SUN Plan 600 with Alcatel Idol, you can have unlimited Sun Calls and Texts P250 Consumable and 350 Free Text to all Networks.

Alcatel Idol Ultra is available for SUN Plan 999. The phone is 6.45 mm thin; 4.65 Touch Screen; Android V 4.1; 3G; Wi-Fi Hotspot; 8MP camera and Dual Core

With the 999 Plan you can enjoy Unlimited Mobile Internet, Unlimited Sun Calls and 450 Hours Sun Calls. These are really great deals.