M.O.M Travels: Enjoying Nature at Dinadiawan

DSC_0288Dinadiawan is a coastal barangay in the municipality of Dipaculao, province of Aurora. It is famous for its white sand beaches and mountain landscapes.

Traveling to Dinadiawan, Dipaculao, Aurora takes a maximum of 8 hours from Manila. This includes 6-hour journey from Manila to Baler (capital of Aurora province). The only bus company that services the province is Genesis Bus with a fare charge of P490.00 per passenger.

You have to leave Manila by 12:00 midnight so by 6:00 a.m., you will be in Baler and can catch the D’ Liner, a local bus ride that travels to Casiguran, Aurora. Fare is P65.00 per person.

The local bus will pass by the municipality of Dipaculao where Barangay Dinadiawan is located. It is roughly 12 kilometers away from Baler but travel time is at 2 hours maximum because you will traverse several mountains.

Don’t worry, the road is very good, though you will definitely hold your grip because there are several steep zigzag road sections or what locals call “bitukang manok” but you will have a glimpse of the blue sea – the Pacific Ocean when the bus reaches the high point.


We stayed at Bayview Blue Beach Resort (or Leah’s Resort). It is beside the national road. Just tell the bus conductor that you’re going to
Blue Beach Dinadiawan and you need not to worry at all.

If you want to explore more, you can ask the resort personnel to take you to the falls. There are 2 falls near the resort, however, we visited only one because the trail going to other falls was not passable.


Going to the Eagle’s Rock, you have to trek for less than an hour, just follow the direction where the water from the falls takes you until you see the sand again.


The place was called Eagle’s Rock because as you can see the majestic rock formation looks like a protruding eagle’s head.

Two days were not enough to explore the place. To tell you, the trip was not planned. It was a pack and go decision which I believe made our journey more exciting. We’ll be back to this place…that I promise.


21 comments on “M.O.M Travels: Enjoying Nature at Dinadiawan

  1. I have heard of Baler in Aurora but this is the first time I’ve heard of this place. Now I realized that there are more places to visit in Aurora besides Baler.

  2. Oh, wow! I’ve never been to Aurora, much less in Baler. This beautiful haven can be a good stop when we do push plans in visiting Baler. I mean, it’ll just be 2 hours away from there. That’s not bad.

  3. I took note of the traveling hours coz I’ve been meaning to visit Baler. Its certainly a place worthy of visit.

  4. 2 days are never usually enough to explore ANY place. It’s great experience, but one does feel like leaving feeling a bit “bitin”. Also, I don’t really see the shape of the eagle’s head… Haha.

  5. I’ve never been to Baler and yes I would like to visit this place soon and get to experience the Pacific Ocean up close.

  6. effort! didnt know, Aurora has a palce like this..
    definitely worth a try on my 2nd visit to Aurora..
    Just remembered, this province Matriach Dona Aurora had her death anniversary just recently.

  7. The closest I have been in Luzon is Tagaytay, and I have never set foot in Aurora but I would really love to, seeing your photos makes me wish I live in Luzon so that I can visit the place anytime I want.

  8. i didn’t know such nice beach existed in Aurora hmmm 8 hour by land that’s a long trip is there airplane or any other easier mode of transpo going there? want to visit sometime.

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