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Don’t Leave Your Kid Unattended

Every mommies and daddies should know this – to not let our kids, especially babies and toddlers out of our sight or without companion. Anywhere public and even inside our home.

Anything can happen if we left our children alone.

It is sad to read news about kids who suffered and worst, died in an escalator accident inside a mall. I first read about the latest case of escalator accident in the newspaper and then yesterday saw it on different news websites. The victim, a 3-year old boy.

First question I have in mind – where are the parents of this 3 year old kid? Oh there, the mother was shopping for shoes. They have a companion a neighbor according to the news but it’s helpless.

Sorry if I’m feeling so outraged. I know I am not related to them.  As a mom, I know it’s hard to bear the guilty feelings after what happened. I just hope this is the last news about carelessness that resulted to escalator accident.

For the mean time, let’s read more safety tips in riding escalator and to always remember that we should not leave our kids unattended.