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Reinventing Our Classic Sofa

Nestled in our home is a wooden classic sofa with stuffed seat and back with fabric covering. It is more than a decade old made in Narra wood. We decided to replace our traditional sofa with a new one when we renovated the house.

Until today, the wooden classic sofa still looks good but I wanted it to undergo re-upholstering. I wanted it to look like the brand new wooden classic sofa that I’ve seen on Deluxosphere

To make this happen, I regularly browse the web to search for a better design to give the wooden classic sofa a brand new look. I usually look for the fabric that can help make our traditional sofa luxurious and elegant.

I already talked to an upholsterer who gave me ideas on where to buy fabric for our sofa. We are just collaborating about the changes I want on the armrest. Hopefully by this week we will finish the design.

With the re-upholstery happening in a months time our living room will surely have a brand new classical look too. Now, I can’t wait for the outcome.