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Understanding Legal Terminology

Last Friday, I attended a simple gathering with my college friends. Seeing them once again equals a tons of subject to talk about. At first we had a happy flashback of our good old days until the conversation went serious about our present lives.

Little did I know that two of my friends were seriously facing legal battles about child custody. It saddens me to hear their sides of stories – of stories about family problems. I have learned a lot from their situations and I also happened to know some legal terminologies. Actually, I jutted down some Latin legal terms that sounds new to me. I want to fully understand legal terms and so I will do some research or use legal terms dictionary.


That day was filled with advice and support and kept us open about our family matters. It helped them bear their situation lighter because they knew we were there to support them come what may. I may not be in their situation (and I hope not in the future) but it really kept me wondering and pray that all will be settled accordingly.