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Donny Pangilinan’s secret revealed

Magic can be found anywhere – it can be random encounters, unexpected surprises, or little things that make you happy every day. Actor Donny Pangilinan attracts magic into his life through his hobbies, the close connections he makes in and outside of acting, and an attitude of gratitude for the opportunities he receives.

Adding to his growing list of accomplishments is becoming the newest endorser of Jack ‘n Jill Magic Crackers. “I feel so blessed and grateful that I’m part of the Magic family!” Donny said. “It’s such a fun brand that I really do see myself eating it every day. I’m just excited to share this with all of my supporters and those who want to know more about Magic Crackers and all its products.”

And as the newest member of the Magic Crackers family, Donny shared some simple tips on how people can make their days fun and more magical.   

Start your day with a goal

No matter how busy you may be, Donny believes that doing something that will keep you going is the best way to start your day. “It can be small goals that can be as simple as making your bed, listening to a specific song, or watching a TED Talk,” he said.

Surround yourself with good people

Donny loves spending time with his loved ones because “they help me stay on track despite my busy schedule, and they keep me on my feet.” His advice is to connect with people that bring out the best in you and push you to reach your dreams.

The young actor makes moments with loved ones more magical by doing the things they love such as traveling, playing sports, and arranging get-togethers at home. “For your family gatherings, you can make a charcuterie board with Magic Flakes Plain as its creamy-sarap and tamang alat flavor goes well with cheese, ham, and fruits. It’s one of my favorites,” Donny shared.

Photo caption: One of Donny Pangilinan’s favorites – a charcuterie board with Magic Flakes Plain

Do things with confidence

“I think it’s about remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing, making sure you put your heart and mind into what you do. Whatever you’re doing at the moment, you have to be all in. Can’t be one foot in, one foot out,” Donny said.

As an actor, Donny has to work with different people so he makes sure that he builds chemistry with them, and it’s about taking the extra step to get to know someone. “Put your walls a bit lower and allow yourself to be a little vulnerable and more open to each other. That’s the biggest secret to building chemistry, I think.”

Be a light to someone’s day

It’s also important to share the magic with other people through simple gestures of kindness. “The way to bring magic to anyone’s day is to be a light – say something simple but nice and sincere to make their day, and be there to listen to them,” Donny said. Another simple way to brighten up people’s day is by sharing a pack of Magic Flakes with them for merienda.

Additionally, Donny extends this effort to all his fans, saying, “The biggest thing for me is to connect with them. Being able to make them smile and make them happy is just the cherry on top of everything.” He added that he makes sure to bring something different with every project to bring more enjoyment to fans. “Grabe yung efforts nila. This is our way of giving back to them.”

Donny may be busy with work and personal activities, but he’s proof that you can always bring happiness and enjoyment to everyone around you. Just like a pack of Magic Flakes, you can make every moment fun and magical. Each crunchy bite of Magic Flakes and other Magic products will help you break away from the daily monotony dahil sarap ‘pag may Magic!

Watch Donny as he stars in Magic Flakes’ newest commercial. Check out the brand’s official Facebook Page and this YouTube video to find out kung ga’no kasarap ‘pag may Magic!

Just like Donny, you can bring magic to your day with Magic Crackers!  Jack ‘n Jill Magic Crackers offers a variety of cracker products: Magic Flakes, Magic Creams, Magic Junior, and Magic Chips, and is available in stores nationwide and online