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Alert: Here Comes the Rain

When it rains, it pours. Literally, yes, in terms of our current weather condition. The sudden rain today often brings flood in the metro and it gives me a lot of worrying for my kids when at school.

I’ve seen how the students drenched in the rain and brave the flood just to get home. I’ve witnessed how cars, public utility vehicles and school services were stuck in drop-dead traffic or worst, submerged in floodwater. The fear of experiencing Ondoy once again is devastating so we have to be ready at all times.

How can we keep safe our child during this rainy season? The basics are let them have the following:

  1. Protection from the rain – umbrella and raincoat so they can cover themselves from the rain
  2. Communication – always give them your contact number at home, office of personal cellphone number.
  3. Information – teach them address of your relative who lives nearby the school vicinity.
  4. Extra – in case there’s a public storm warning signal and they are not covered by the automatic suspension, let your kids  have some extra shirt, water of snacks/baon. If necessary give them extra money.
  5. Teach the children to be patient and calm.

As parent, make sure you know the contact numbers of the following:

  • Your child’s cellphone number
  • Your child’s nanny
  • Teacher
  • Your child’s classmate or fellow parent
  • School service driver/operator

Be AWARE of the NEWS and learn the rainfall warning system of PAGASA


 And memorize the automatic class suspension imposed by Dep-Ed.


It’s all up to us parents to decide whether we’ll gonna let our children go to school during rainy day. As the authorities say, PARENTS KNOW what is GOOD for their CHILDREN.