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New Pampering Hub: Asian Secrets Whitening Spa


Looking for a new place to relax and pamper yourself with your BFFs or loved ones? Try Asian Secrets Whitening Spa located at 5/F The Block, SM City North Edsa.

The spa specializes in whitening body scrub services – the royal purifying way to whiten and smoothen skin, called the Javanese Lulur Whitening Ritual. This 300-year old royal purifying ritual was once exclusive only to Javanese princesses or brides-to-be from the royalty. But today, you and your friends can experience this luxurious way of body whitening.

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa uses their signature body scrubs and soaps. You can choose from the following house brands:

green tea

  • The Asian Secrets Lulur  – Green Tea and Vitamin E – is perfect to those who like to have skin detox. Green Tea has been used in many Asian countries for centuries because it is known to give beautiful complexion. The anti-oxidants it contains flushes away the toxins from pollutants that cause skin disease and aging. 


  • The Asian Secrets Lulur – Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract  is perfect for those who have acne in their body. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Licorice has several skin care components that occurs naturally in the plant. It has a component called Galbridin, which cause skin lightening and brightening. The Licorice with Mulberry Lulur Scrub has a double whitening effect to the skin
  • seaweed
  • The Asian Serets Lulur –  Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E  is for those who want to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. Seaweed has been used extensively in Asian countries for over 600 years due to its nourishing, moisturizing and detoxifying properties. This scrub is packed with vitamins, minerals and also contains fatty acids to combat skin irritation and inflammation.soaps
    The Asian Secrets soaps that you can take home after your chosen session.

The spa also offers massage service and body wrap services that specifically use the signature whitening body lotion to hydrate and whiten skin. In addition, body wrap is infused with papain to gently exfoliate the skin. It also contains Claire Blanche, which is a combination of 3 flower extracts that facilitate whitening.

Last Thursday, I’ve personally tried and enjoyed the full package whitening ritual called the Signature White Indulgence. The session lasted for 150 minutes or 1.5 hours for only P1,300.00

During the process, my body was meticulously scrubbed, removing away my dead skin cells. Then I had a warm bath before experiencing the soothing body wrap treatment where my whole body was covered in signature whitening mask. And another warm bath before the relaxing massage.

I personally want to thank, Jen of the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa for giving me superb service and proving that the spa have professional and dedicated therapists.

Actually, right after we finished the process, I immediately felt the effect of the body strokes she performed, my back pains, gone and I felt so light.

What more after the scrub and body wrap? My skin becomes noticeably smooth and glowing. The result drove me to continue using Asian Secrets body scrub and soap at home. And, oh, I do love its scent.

I’m sure your BFFs and loved ones would love the Javanese traditional way to skin whitening too. If you want them to relax like a royal, call now at 0927-329-6736 for reservation or visit Asian Secrets Whitening Spa in SM North Edsa.

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