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How to cope with Red Day Blues?

When that “time” of the month arrives, [almost] anything and everything can happen. Your period will let you experience symptoms that are uncomfortable, painful, and unexplainable! 

You’re not alone: Other women also experience these period blues. It’s important that you prepare for them, and we’re sharing with you some of the most searched items that happen during your red days and how you can hack the blues away.

Mood Swings: Blame It (Partly) on the Hormones. 

Have you ever felt like making sungit, crying, or lashing out for no reason?

There’s an explanation for that. A week before a girl’s period begins, the body starts to go through certain changes, especially on our hormones that have an effect on our mood-regulating brain cells. This hormonal rollercoaster is responsible for the emotional and physical highs and lows that girls experience. 

When you’re feeling that mood swing, experts advise us, among others, to consider working out. This helps regulate your emotions as it increases your body’s endorphins, aka the “happy hormones,” which help boost your mood.

Menstrual Cramps: It really hurts. This is why.

As girls, we have learned (or are in the process) to accept that pain is part of our menstrual cycle. 

Before menstruation, studies show that the uterus starts to shed its lining, which causes pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, are the usual areas where you feel the pain. Once your period comes in, the menstrual blood leaves the uterus, triggering even more uterine contractions, and making menstrual cramps hurt more. Hugs!

To ease the pain, drinking hot water may help, as tipped by several professionals. Doing this increases your body’s blood flow, helping relax your muscles and lessens cramps.

Menstrual Munchies: Compulsive eating

Can’t stop eating before and during your period? That’s fine! “But how about the extra calories ruining my diet?” you may ask? Cravings during your period are normal. 

Due to several changes during a menstrual cycle, your body craves for certain nutrients. This is the reason why your period cravings can be “weirdly specific”. 

Think about all the times you’ve craved chocolates while you were on your period in the past. It isn’t just you. Chocolate is actually one of the most reported PMS cravings among women. But according to nutritionists, what your body is really craving is not the chocolate; rather, the sugar and magnesium found in chocolates. This is because sugar gives you a quick boost of energy for the times when your period makes you feel tired and lethargic. While magnesium helps relax your muscles and soothe your menstrual cramps.

To keep your cravings under control, you can satisfy them in moderation and replenish the nutrients lost during pre-menstruation. Experts also suggest sticking to small meals every three to four hours. This practice ensures your blood sugar level is stabilized. For healthier alternatives to chocolates, there are fiber-rich carbs you can depend on, such as chicken breast, oatmeal, nuts and spinach.

So the next time you find yourself munching over your comfort food, listen to the craving. Don’t worry. 

Whisper Presko Period Hacks 

But among all period worries, tagos is one of the most common for girls. The horror that creeps in at the thought of period leaks ruining our bedsheets and our favorite pair of pants while outdoors can affect our confidence level.

But any girl equipped with the right period hygiene management can brave through red days and make those heavy period flows still feel presko

The hack to staying comfy and stain-free largely depends on your sanitary napkin. When choosing pads, a few of the features gynecologists consider are absorbency, protection from leakage, length, and friendliness on sensitive skin.

Many girls have found these features in Whisper.

Whisper Cottony Soft is a huge favorite for its breathability. For Presko Squad girls Andrea Brillantes and Belle Mariano, Whisper allows them to stay fresh and airy even during their red days. Its new top sheets have thousands of airflow vents that let air pass through freely while locking fluids in, so their sensitive skin stays dry and clean.

At night, Whisper’s longest pad, Cottony Nights XXL, is their go-to pad. It’s 36cm long and has 88% wider back than day pads with deep anti-tagos channels that keep girls protected from “tagos” throughout the night. No more worrying about stains in their sheets and waking up just to change pads!

Share the Confidence

At the end of the day, these “weird” period blues are natural body experiences. 

But the stigma around menstruation is preventing most girls from speaking about their period woes. By talking about period matters more openly, we can help other girls be more confident as they face their period blues just like Andrea Brillantes, Fracine Diaz, and Belle Mariano . For precisely this reason, Whisper, together with World Vision and the Presko Squad community, launched the #ShareTheConfidence campaign which sought to make menstrual hygiene more accessible to girls. With over 25,000 girls already helped, the movement is only just beginning.

Share the confidence with Whisper. Buy Whisper packs available in all leading stores nationwide and online.