Tecnogas: Cooking with Passion and Perfection

Momshies, when it comes to cooking, we only pick the best ingredients for the best recipe we will provide our family. We always want the best, don’t we?

And when it comes to kitchen needs, I choose the premium brand, like Tecnogas to ensure that each meal is cooked with passion and perfection. The brand is trusted by my grandma and mom, so I know how better this brand is.

Yes, millenial moms, Tecnogas is still available in the Philippines. Last Tuesday, I witnessed how Tecnogas emerged in the market for 65 years. Tecnogas, the legendary Italian appliance brand has been around since 1950’s according to Ms. Lorelee Sicat, account manager at Tecnogas.


Tecnogas integrates Italian expertise and technology with its quality cooking appliances built only with top of the line materials that are designed to deliver excellent cooking results. Available in all sizes, colors, and styles, Tecnogas’ widest selection of Italian cooking appliances varies from cooking ranges, built-in hobs, built-in ovens, range hoods, table top ovens, and Vortex stoves that are simply an advantage to have in any kitchen.


Mr. JP Rahnema, sales manager of Tecnogas said, “Our products are equipped with quality gas component to make sure our cookers are durable. Nowadays, it is very important that we offer durability and style.”

Tecnogas offers four lines of cooking appliances that are built with high grade materials such as Sabaf and Defendi burners. Each has their unique identity with consistent, strong and elegant design for professional cooking experience.

  • The PRO line series was inspired by the top of the line cookers used by professionals in the cooking industry; it is available in various colours that seamlessly integrate with your kitchen space and style.
  • The NEXT Line series was designed with the strength of the Italian technology and modern engineering for power and efficiency.
  • The CUISINE Line integrates the best technology to let you experience the art of cooking.
  • The TECHNIK series that features all sizes of cooking ranges that deliver superior quality to satisfy your passion for cooking excellence.

Where to buy Tecnogas?

  • In all leading appliances store nationwide.
  • Tecnogas showrooms at #28 D. Tuazon St. Quezon City, or outside Metro Manila in Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao.

The Good News

In addition, it offers the longest warranty in the business with 2 years on parts, 1 year on service. Moreover, there are 200 service centers for Tecnogas across the country.

Tecnogas products are exclusively distributed by Appstar Global Distributor, Inc. You may also visit their website at www.tecnogas.com.ph or visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/TecnogasPhilippines