Online games that let your children enjoy cooking

Is your children fond of cooking but you’re afraid to let them have fun in the kitchen? You can let them cook online instead to teach them basic kitchen work.

I have introduce this food education games online to my 6 year old daughter and she loved it. I love it too because it’s free and you don’t need to make subscription or monthly fee. The games are also ad free via Culinary Schools website so you and your child can enjoy playing without interruption.

My daughter’s favorite category is Cooking and Kitchen Work where she can be challenged by playing Boiled Eggs, Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake, Kitchen World and learn how to shop at Baby Supermarket!

Learning about essential kitchen tools or equipment and how to use it may require time, but by playing Kitchen World, it becomes easy and enjoyable. The game helps the player to be confident once your children are out in the kitchen because they’re already familiar with the tools and understands how to handle it.

Who wouldn’t enjoy shopping? Playing Baby Supermarket helps your child shop virtually while learning different types of foods. It’s a food and word match to help her increase knowledge.

Instruction for Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake.

Let your child level up in baking through Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake. The challenge here lies on how good your child to match tools, follow recipe and baking instruction.

These online games are free so share it with your friends.

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