The Heat is On!

Can you feel the heat? The last all-time high temperature recorded in the metro reached 34.5 degrees Celsius.

According to the weather bureau, this is just the beginning of the summer season and we should prepare for the hottest until April.

To beat the heat, most of us plan to go to the beach or swim in the pool. Summer is always the time time of the year where children enjoy splashing around in a pool or the sea, build sand castles or play on the water slides.

Here’s some advice to protect the kids so they can enjoy swimming and basking in the sun.

  1.  Put sun block (at least SPF30). To protect their skin from sun exposure. Look for sun block that uses minerals instead of chemicals to avoid skin irritation. Apply them sunblock again after three hours. Please be reminded not to use sunscreen for babies less than 6-month old. Better have them swim in long pants or long sleeves. Swimming in the morning is more advisable.
  2. Use swimming gears and devices. Bring on goggles, floaters, inflatable rings, arm bands and vest. These things are for safety. And don’t forget the hats, caps or sunglasses too.
  3. Let your kid’s drink enough water(but not from the pool or the beach). Swimming can make the kids easily thirst. So bring plenty of potable water to keep them hydrated.
  4.  Bring towels, clothes and comfortable sandals or flip flops. We know how kids love the water during summer. So we need to have dry towels and enough changing clothes. And light sandals so they’ll enjoy walking in the sand.
  5. Always accompany your children in the sea or the pool. If you cannot attend to them, make sure they are with the elders to look after them or better yet, check if there are life guards around.

I hope these pointers help you and your family to enjoy the water and beat the heat of summer!


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  1. Yeheyyy! summer is our favorite time of the year. Lucky for us we’re just very near famous hot spring resorts. Thanks for your tips.

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