The tree is up!

Yes, the tree is up!
My Christmas tree is FINALLY done and my little daughter likes it very much. I know it’s too early to set up the tree since it’s 39 days to go before Christmas. Actually this is the earliest date I decorated the house for the Holiday season. Usually I do it every first week of December but knowing how excited my daughter so is whenever she sees a Christmas tree at the mall or while watching television made me decide to have our tree decorated at once.
I changed my tree motif to golden yellow with a touch of orange because my kids nicknames are based on fruits, though you won’t see fruits as embellishment.
We all knew how expensive the ornaments or garland nowadays, from 50 pesos and up hundred bucks but I manage to haunt for decorations with price ranging from 20 pesos to 30 pesos only. And yes, I also did some recycling too and use some old ornaments and Christmas lights.