Time to hit the beach in modest swimwear

This is such a different summer for us this year – for the first time in two years since the pandemic broke, we can now visit other towns as the quarantine classification and restriction eases. The good news, we are still under alert level 1, so interzonal travel is very much accepted. The traveler in me is very excited.

We can feel the summer season vibes because it is now getting harder to book a staycation at our favorite hotels or beach resorts that we longed to visit due to the pandemic. The same as booking a budget flight at the height of summer gets even tougher, but this time is really different, coz even the pandemic can’t stop people who loves to bask in the sun to go to the beach and get their much awaited dose of Vitamin D.

All my modest swimwear are in my luggage now. Yes, I brought all that I can wear because we’ll be staying in the beach not only for a day but for a week! And because this is the first time outing in post pandemic history, I want it to be great so I bought some of my beautiful swimsuits online.

Tankini top

I have two-piece swimwear in white and blue colors in case, I want to show more skin. I have one piece swimsuit, a tankini, a rashguard and swimming bolero, because I saw Heart Evangelista’s post where she wore it backwards. I also brought the beach must haves like sunscreen lotion, shades in different styles and colors, towel sets, hats or bandanas and comfortable beach sandals.

I can’t wait to swim with the waves and see the beautiful sunset while sipping coffee with my loved ones as we go on with our lives after the once in a lifetime pandemic.