Tips in Preparing Kids’ Lunch

Admit it, preparing our kids baon is really a struggle for moms, especially if your child is a picky eater. And one thing more that bothers mommies are the unfinished food. Left-over food or baon is many mothers woe during school season. I experienced this problem with my son who brings packed lunch at school.

I believe it’s hard to let them finish their baon mainly because we are not with them when they eat it. Besides, there are other factors which may cause them to bring their baon back at home again. Maybe they are still adjusting with the new school year and new eating companions.

Moms need to counter this struggle. Here are some tips from Tupperware and Solane so we can be sure that our kids will come home with empty lunch boxes at the end of the day.

Make it delicious yet healthy.

School children are at the growing age, and they need all the nutrition they can get for their bones, muscles, and brain, among other body parts to be developed. Moms need to make sure that the meals cover the “recommended dietary allowance” for the nutrients they need: from carbohydrates and protein to vitamins and minerals. Dishes should form a balanced diet: there should be portions of grains (typically rice and noodles), meat, and fruits and veggies, even oils. A particularly hard part of introducing a healthy meal would be making the kids eat vegetables.

Studies show that the habit is best learned by example, but because parents will not be in school to personally show the kids that greens are fun to eat, the key is to cook them in a child-friendly way, say, by cleverly pairing them with a siding or sauce that they already love. Examples would be boiled beans dipped in mayonnaise, tofu cubes rolled alongside ground beef in a tortilla wrap, or mushrooms slathered in cheese.


Make it colorful and creative

The same way kids like their clothes, their toys, and their surroundings bursting with colors, kids will be more inclined to finish what’s on their plate if it looked enticing because of the different colors. Plating is important to capture their imagination. Some of the garnishing items that also bring nutrients to the dish are carrots, cucumber, red or green bell peppers, celery, and pineapples. Make sure your pantry is well-stocked with these, to instantly bring color to your kid’s lunch!

Presentation is key to making a meal more enjoyable. Children, being very observant, may be more persuaded to eat if what they see looks attractive. This is also one way of masking nourishing ingredients for your little ones. The best hiding options? Grate, wrap, blend, or mix!

What comes in handy for all the aesthetically pleasing healthy meals is an equally attractive food container. Tupperware Brands introduces its Small Square Rounds to solve that for you. This is downright perfect for starting up a kitchen collection, too!

The Small Square Rounds have virtually airtight seals that keep food fresh and flavorful. With a tab on the seal for easy opening, this food container is also modular and stackable. You may use it in the fridge, bring to outdoor activities, or use for organizing. The Small Square Rounds comes in four great colors: lime aid, grape fizz, pink punch, and orange peel.

Mealtime is not just about healthy eating; it also entails taking in the water your body needs! Pair up your kids’ Tupperware Small Square Rounds with the Kids Eco Bottle. This comes with a sipper seal spout for convenient drinking and a tight-screw-on cap that prevents leaks. Made of safe, non-toxic materials, the Kids Eco Bottle has two fun character shapes: a frog in lime aid color and a purlicious (purple) penguin.


Welcome kids in the kitchen

Invite your kids to help out in the kitchen. By doing this, you’ll give them an idea what it takes to prepare their food. Letting them help and allowing them to frequently assist you in the kitchen will make them want to try and sample the food they’ve helped prepare.

Make it easy.

Preparing the kids’ lunch doesn’t need to be a stressful activity. Indeed, food tastes best when it is cooked with love, by someone who is having fun! To aid moms in cooking, there are many references for kid-friendly recipes online, including on Solane’s Facebook page. Solane has also developed an app called Solane Kitchen eMinder, a handly reminder tool for Solane LPG, food, and grocery.  You can also visit

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9 comments on “Tips in Preparing Kids’ Lunch

  1. It is really challenging to make some delicious yet healthy food quickly. A lot of parents do not have enough to create such dishes. Children meanwhile seems to be very influenced by the countless fast-food chains. It is nice of you to try to help parents improve their ways of preparing lunch for children. Keep it up!

  2. I think visual presentation of food is important to improve the kids’ appetite. It’s great that it has a sipper seal spout that prevents leaks.

  3. Honestly, my two girls are now in High School, and most of the time they buy food at the canteen. But love to see them eat properly cooked food coming from us(parents) to make sure that our kids are eating–safe and sufficient food.

  4. I don’t have kids yet but hoping to have one soon, will take note of this. thank you for the great tips! 😉 Will share with my sisters too.

  5. I usually just use a tin container as opposed to a plastic one considering the harmful chemicals that’ll come from heat and plastic. Tin also isn’t as heavy 🙂 Some food for thought (lol get it?)

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