Vermont’s Dispensaries Aren’t Open Yet, But This One is Close Enough

With the lifting of cannabis restrictions across the country, an increasing number of dispensaries are springing up. While state laws differ, you can simply cross state borders to purchase cannabis wherever the dispensary is located. For Vermonters, the long-awaited legalization is here, but the dispensaries aren’t – yet. However, this Massachusetts dispensary is just a stone’s throw from Vermont. Frequent travelers call Silver Therapeutics their favorite dispensary near Vermont. Here’s what they offer.

Cannabis Products


The Silver Therapeutics staff can assist you in selecting the best strain for you. There are three main strains: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativa has a high THC content that is stimulating, and is thought to be beneficial for lowering anxiety, increasing focus, and boosting creativity. Indica is known to typically accompany THC with high CBD content. Sativa is typically used to relax, relieve pain, fall sleep, and increase appetite. Hybrid s are what they sound like, a cross between the two. Hybrid characteristics depend on the genetics of the seeds.


If you enjoy smoking flower, you can purchase pre-rolled joints, which are extremely convenient. You don’t need any accessories or knowledge of how to roll to enjoy them. Because they are pre-rolled, you can be confident that they will burn evenly.


For those that want a stronger effect, cannabis concentrates are a perfect choice. They’re particularly helpful in users with higher tolerances. Concentrates come in a number of forms and can be used on their own, turned into edibles, or smoked with flower. 


You can purchase a wide range of cartridges for your vaporizer. Cartridges are filled with different oils. The oils are available in many strains and strengths. Vape pens and e-cigs are convenient and easy to transport.


When you hear edibles, your mind might jump right to brownies. While baked goods are still a popular carrier for cannabis, edibles know no bounds. You can find drinks, hard candies, gummies, pills, chocolates, and more. Edibles are easy to consume, but the effects do take longer to appear. Use caution with how much you eat at a time.


Cannabis tinctures are another way to ingest THC and CBD. They are alcohol-based extracts. You can use them to make your own edibles or ingest them sublingually. Placing a few drops under your tongue passes the cannabis into your bloodstream quickly. Tinctures are an effective, smoke-free option.


A lesser-known option for cannabis use is topicals. Cannabis can actually be infused into lotions, balms, lubricants, patches, and more. Topical products provide pain relief and reduced inflammation where they are applied. Most have no psychedelic effects because they do not actually enter the bloodstream.

Try Out a Dispensary Near Vermont

Silver Therapeutics dispensaries also carry fun, offbeat products. Try asking the staff what their most unusual items are. Dispensaries can be great to get your old standbys or delve further into the wonderful world of recreational cannabis. You can find various strains to smoke, eat, drink, apply, and vape. If you’re over 21, grab your identification and get to shopping.