Wallpaper is not only for walls

Summertime is perfect time for home renovation. This time, we are planning to change the interior design of our rooms. Our eldest wants to change his room color but he doesn’t want to repaint it. He choose to install wallpaper since he have seen a lot of unique designs, like the Animal Wallpaper.

Do you want to change the looks of your walls but aren’t sure whether to use wallpaper? Depending on how you utilize wallpaper, you may completely transform the aesthetic of your room. If you still can’t decide on using wallpaper, there are some factors to consider as listed down below.


Wallpapers are very resistant and can withstand those areas that are more prone to filth and accidents. Wallpapers can stand up to 15 years or more when taken care off, which makes it inexpensive and a durable way to decorate your room


Purchasing wallpaper rolls, supplies and having it installed costs more than average. Though it is due to the nice quality of the wallpaper. If it doesn’t fit your budget, There are some inexpensive wallpaper that is available and installing it yourself can save you some money.


There are many different designs to choose from, such as polka dots or wooden planks. Wallpaper adds pattern, color, and texture into the room. You won’t have to bother about painting the designs yourself because the wallpaper will take care of that for you.


Wallpapers are very time-consuming to install. Although, it isn’t messy to apply and prevents the risk of splatters and stains to your furniture or floor.

Creative uses

Wallpaper is not only for the walls, but also for the furniture! They’re simple to apply on bookshelves, desks, and drawers. Because of the various colors, patterns, and designs, it brings the piece to life.

Deciding on various finishes may not be easy to choose from, but I hope this helped you pick.