What I Learned On World Sleep Day

Experts say that the best time to sleep is during the night. It’s a natural way that’s why it is the best. Having quality sleep is important to our health and quality of life.

How about those who work at night and sleep during the day, like me? That’s the big question that echoed in my mind when I attended the World Sleep Day symposium with Uratex at the EMG Auditorium of the Lung Center of the Philippines last March 18.

I admit, I really find it hard to sleep during the day, most especially when I stay awake past 12 noon. The end result, I only have 4 to 5 hours of sleep per working day. But members of Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, say that that at my age, I need at least 7 hours of sleep a day, so I am missing a lot.

However, when I’m off at work, I sleep too much up to 14 hours, but according to sleep doctors, it’s not healthy too.

During the symposium, I learned the value of sleep and why it matters. I’m curious to know how can I sleep easily after going home from work in the morning. From what I understand in the discussion, the most important to do are to stick to my work (office/home) schedule and be consistent with my sleeping time.

It’s like keeping a daily routine. I should be at home by 7:00 a.m.; finished the household chores/kids assignment by 10:00 a.m.; sleep at 11:00 a.m. after I send the kids to school; wake up at 7:00 p.m.; relax up to 8:00 p.m. and get ready to go to work by 9:00 p.m.Being strict in implementing my sleeping time (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) is one way of giving my cells time to take a break and energize.

Being strict in implementing my sleeping time (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) is one way of giving my cells time to take a break and energize.

Sleep Matters

Do you know the important elements of good sleep?

  • Duration – the sufficiency of sleep to become well rested and alert the following day.
  • Continuity – sleep time should be continuous and unbroken
  • Depth – sleep should be deep enough to be restorative or invigorating.

10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene

Sleep doctors like Dr. Agnes Remulla, M.D. and Virginia S. Delos Reyes, M.D., talked about insomnia, sleep apnea, pillows and sleeping position. Please check this video.



Also, I keep in mind the saying,  SLEEP THE WAY YOU STAND. Practicing this, you need to have a good mattress that can support your spine.

Here are the elements of a good mattress.

  • Good support.
  • Good comfort.
  • Match to the preference of the user.
  • Durability in order to maintain the performances pf the above over  longer period of time.

Uratex Orthocare

According to Dindo Medina, corporate sales director of Multiflex RNC Philippines, Uratex continues to help Filipinos achieve healthy and superior sleep by continuously developing and bringing innovative mattresses and other sleep solution.

Uratex Premium Touch

GOOD SLEEP is a REACHABLE DREAM when you practice a healthy lifestyle, have a positive mindset towards life and you have chosen the correct mattress. 

The good news is – I am sleeping with the right mattress because we use Uratex foam and mattress at home.

24 comments on “What I Learned On World Sleep Day

  1. Great insightful post about sleeping — a favorite “activity” that has become a luxury these days. With our hectic lifestyles and the popularity of new technology, it’s not surprising that we rarely get our recommended dose of snooze time.

  2. Our body is programmed to sleep at night. From 10pm-3am, that is when our cells regenerate. That is why sleep is important among other reasons given. Working at night and sleeping during the day results in less than optimal regeneration of cells. As a result, long term health concerns becomes real.

  3. Such an interesting post! I’m so busy that I don’t get enough sleep, and I’ve put down get more sleep as a goal for April, this post has definitely given me some ideas of how to do so. Thanks!

  4. I know sleep is so important. I struggle with it every day and wish I was one of those people who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I have found that routines are super important like you said. It would be hard to reteach your body to sleep during the day so I commend you for it! I also liked the tip to sleep the way you stand. I never thought about that but I am evaluating it even as I write! 🙂

  5. I think sleep is the most underrated cure for anything that ails you. It can help you grow, get well, rest your mind and even lose weight! We should all try to stick to a good schedule.

  6. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep but it’s also important to not oversleep. It’s good to learn more about this since sleep affects our health greatly. Thanks for sharing all these information!

  7. Wow I loved reading your article. I have been a sound sleeper all my life. Except when I was in an advertising career, working 26/24 hours I have been good.

  8. I also have a very unhealthy sleeping habit. I usually stay up until 2am and wake up around 7am. There are times when my mind is so active I have to get up, turn on the laptop and write. BTW, me and hubby recently bought the senso memory foam from Uratex and its the best bed investment ever! I suffer from back pains because of scoliosis and the memory foam makes my sleep very comfy.

  9. Oh yes I have heard of how important sleeping is. In my personal experience, even if you don’t necessarily have a strict schedule and you sleep always at the same time, as long as you either exercise regularly or have a full active day, you will always be able to sleep well. And I also agree with avoiding too much caffeine. I heard also that eating cherries helps one sleep. Personally red wine makes me sleepy too, even just one glass. I’d also like to add that about one hour before bed, it helps to wind down. Meaning no more TV and other stimulating activities.

  10. I think sleep is very important! I remember when I used to train the night team, and I had to go to work every evening at 11PM and, instead of finishing at 5 or 6, I sometimes had to be there until midday, because the trainees were learning and couldn’t be fast. For me it was a nightmare, I could barely sleep during the day and for about a month I lived in energy drinks. I am lucky that I only had to do that for a month. I don’t think I could have handled it for more.

  11. This is one facet of my life I want to improve. There are so many distractions at night that we wind up sleeping too late to get our fill of TV, movies, internet, etc…

  12. I love love love sleep. I used to have trouble sleeping but when I sort of taught & disciplined myself, I started to find my sleep routine. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep and to make this happen, I don’t sleep with the lights on. I found that sleeping with the lights on isn’t good for me because I feel that it strains my eyes and I wake up tired.

    Exercise has been helping me sleep better, too. And I make sure that I have my room set with the right sleeping temperature – this is key to a restful sleep for me 🙂

  13. Very informational and powerful post! Our sleep cycles are so important, unfortunately mine has been disrupted lately, but I am working on retuning it and becoming a morning person!

  14. Sleep is super valuable and it’s something that I truly cherish now that I am in my early 30s. #10 is something that I need to work on. I have a small side table next to my bed where my home laptop is so I sometimes end up staying up because I spend extra time on the Internet.

  15. Oh I understand how difficult maintaining a graveyard shift. As a nurse with shifting schedule, this is quite another physical struggle. Melatonin pills helps.

  16. Undoubtedly, having a comfortable sleep should never be compromised. I am a sucker for a good sleep! Thanks for sharing this awesome tips. Love the video!

  17. those are some good rules for sleep. ive not heard of some of the rules before and they sound logical

  18. I know it’s hard to function well if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. I miss it if I lose even an hour.

  19. I can imagine the challenges of those who work at night. I always keep my body clock in a strict routine. Sleeping 7-8 hours straight, undisturbed, is very valuable to me. I agree that it is a healthy habit we have to observe.

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