When bills payment becomes a chance to help

Faced with even more uncertainty and restrictions brought about by the enhanced community quarantine, many strive to keep extra care of not just physical health but also their finances, especially since emergencies could be just waiting around the corner. CIS Bayad Center reminds everyone that it’s also important to take smarter routes to better managing your bills and other finances while still contributing to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Spend only for essential goods

As a wise consumer, it is best if you make sure that essential goods are always first in your to-buy list. Prioritize buying your needs more than your wants, but in consideration of others, never hoard or try to take much than what you need.

Allocate for health budget

Keeping yourself and your family healthy is a must.  It’s best to allocate for immune-boosting supplements, on top of your maintenance medicines if you have any and potential medical expenses. This budget preparation will get you covered in case of emergency, especially at this time of escalating threats to global health.

Prioritize paying bills on time

Although many utility and loan companies extended their due dates for bills payment in consideration of the challenges posed by the crisis, it is still better if you pay on time. This will give you less headache about mismanaging your budget, and avoid your unpaid bills to pile up later down the road.

Have some regard for the less fortunate

Donate to the collective relief efforts and help those who are not able to weather the crisis as well as you can.  Every little effort goes a long way, and Bayad Center is giving the paying public the chance to help fellow Filipinos and communities affected by the pandemic via the “BAYADnihan, Tulong-tulong para sa Bayan” campaign.

As simple as settling your monthly financial obligations at any Bayad Center branch or through its mobile app, your payment becomes more meaningful because a portion of it will be donated to One Meralco Foundation. This “BAYADnihan” campaign covers transactions done from March 1 to April 30, 2020.

Bayad Center employees are also taking part in this endeavor and voluntarily pledging a part of their salaries to raise more funds, which will be used in giving out food for the homeless and underprivileged families who suffer most due to the health crisis and the imposed quarantine.

The biggest and most trusted multi-channel payment platform in the Philippines, Bayad Center remains committed to making payments convenient and accessible, and more meaningful, while encouraging Bayanihan as one of its responses to the ongoing crisis.