When Earthquake Strikes

The Philippines lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire so we are prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquake. We can at least prepare for volcanic eruptions and typhoon, but not with the shaking of the earth.

The latest  major earthquake in the Visayas and Northern Mindanao proved how destructive and dangerous a tremor is. It ruined a lot of properties and killed hundreds of people.

We can never tell when will an earthquake strikes – the same with our fate after this natural calamity. It can happen anytime and anywhere so the best thing to know is learn what to do when earthquake happens.

As a parent, I want my kids learn the basics about earthquake drill so they would know what to do if it strikes and they are at home or at school.

Here are some simple tips to safety.

  • Teach the kids to keep calm and not to panic. – I know keeping children, like toddlers calm in the midst of a calamity is hard, but teaching them the importance of it would at least help.
  • If at school, tell them to listen to their teachers. – The teachers are aware about the earthquake drill. They can instruct the kids what to do and where to go after the quake.
  • Tell them to watch out on falling objects or debris. – Remind your child to stay away from cabinets, chandeliers if any, ceiling fans or wall fans and glass wall.
  • Introduce the DUCK, COVER and HOLD or DROP, COVER and HOLD 

    Photo from California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

    Photo from California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

  • Remind them to take cover under a sturdy table or strongly supported doorway. – It is important that kids know what furniture in the house is well built and dependable like the dining table or chair.
  • After the shaking stops, walk out of the room, classroom or home and never go back . – Tell you child to never go back inside the house or classroom once they already exited the area because aftershocks can happen anytime too. Let them stay in an open area and ask help from the elders around.









8 comments on “When Earthquake Strikes

  1. I guess the foundation of all the mentioned safety tips is propped by the first item you mentioned, “Teach the kids to keep calm and not to panic.” I’ve been in many life and death situations and I guess what keeps me alive is the fact that I manage my fears and pacify the natural human tendency to panic. Presence of mind is the key to survival and of course prayer 😀

  2. Thanks for the tips! I remember doing a drill when I was in HS to college 🙂 All of those were taught to us and it’s nice to remember these precautions 🙂

  3. Should we really do the DUCK, COVER and HOLD or DROP, COVER and HOLD thing? I mean, I’ve read online something about the triangle of life which explains on what we should properly do during an earthquake.

  4. If the structure of the building is not really good enough to be sustained then no amount of ducking and hiding can make people safe. I am not really sure what to do in case something very disastrous happens in our area.

  5. The triangle of life theory is also one of the common tips in keeping ourselves safe whenever may earthquake 🙂 I forgot the name of the person who conceptualized it but I’ve read a lot about the Triangle of Life.

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